Criminal Charge? Don’t Risk A Criminal Conviction. Call Me Now.

When you are facing criminal charges, the stakes are high. David G. Moore will zealously defend your rights and freedom every step of the way.

David G. Moore is a former prosecutor who now uses his experience and knowledge to defend people charged with state and federal crimes. He will fight for you.

  • More than 15 years of experience handling the toughest cases
  • Aggressive and tenacious criminal defense representation
  • Fighting for your rights and freedom
David G. Moore provides aggressive representation against all types of criminal charges, including drug crimes, DUI, violent crimes, white collar charges, fraud, theft and sex crimes.

A Top Criminal Defense Lawyer

David G. Moore has earned a strong reputation throughout southwest Michigan for his advocacy skills and ability to get results in challenging cases.


A Comprehensive Defense Effort

When defending you, David G. Moore will leave no stone unturned. He will take every opportunity to challenge the state’s case.


A Skilled Defense Team

When it can aid your case, our firm can call upon private investigators and scientific, medical,forensic and ballistic experts for your advantage.

Our Attorney

Results-Driven Representation

A DUI arrest is not the end of the story, and conviction is never a certainty. David G. Moore is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for every client.

  • As a former prosecutor, David G. Moore knows how the system works from the inside.
  • He knows how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the state’s case.
  • David G. Moore understands the need for zealous DUI defense representation.
  • His firm provides personalized and attentive service.
  • David G. Moore will fight for you every step of the way.
Expert witness in criminal cases providing legal guidance and appropriate defense strategies.
Expert witness in criminal cases providing aggressive representation for clients.

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