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Woman tips Michigan police; six arrested on drug charges

Michigan police raided a home and arrested six people earlier this month. Police arrested two 49-year-old sisters who owned the home on various drug charges, as well as four others who were present. The raid was conducted in response to a tip from a local woman who was looking for her husband.

The middle-aged home owners could suffer severe consequences from their actions. One sister is facing charges for narcotic delivery or manufacturing. If she is convicted, she could face a prison term of up to 30 years. The other sister was charged with drug possession. The four others were arrested on various charges, including delivery or manufacturing of narcotics, and possession of methamphetamine or ecstasy.

Police claim they have also received other tips regarding possible drug activity at the residence. However, the eyewitness report from the woman was enough to obtain a search warrant. The woman who gave the tip was said to have made the report to police after dragging her husband out of the residence.

When the officers showed up to execute the warrant, they claim those inside the house unsuccessfully attempted to flush drugs down the toilet. The seized drugs purportedly had a street value of several thousand dollars. The police also confiscated cash and a motor vehicle.

Each defendant must now must now focus on the charges and prepare a meaningful defense that addresses relevant legal issues and holds the prosecution to its substantial burden of proof. The lengthy prison sentence the individuals could receive upon conviction requires their complete attention. A Michigan criminal defense attorney who is experienced in all aspects of defending drug charges may offer the necessary support to achieve the best possible result.

Source: MonroeNews, “Six face drug charges after house raid,” Ray Kisonas, Sep 15, 2011

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