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Michigan man charged with third-offense drunk driving

A Bangor, Michigan, man is in hot water after being arrested for drunk driving after a single-car accident on Friday afternoon. Sheriff’s deputies in Van Buren County, Michigan, received a report of a man who drove into a ditch on M-43, then drove out and kept going.

The man was then found in the 50000 block of M-43, parked in the driveway of a residence. Authorities say a man was standing outside, next to the car. When an officer attempted to question him, the man ran away inside a residence and locked the door.

While the man was inside, sheriff’s deputies learned the man’s name, which led to them discovering that his driver’s license had been suspended multiple times. Alcohol-related offenses were on his record as well, according to the sheriff’s office. Officers then asked the man to open the door, but he allegedly refused. After several requests they broke down the door and arrested the man.

The 46-year-old driver now faces charges of driving with a suspending license as well as resisting and obstructing a police officer. He was also charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, third offense, which is a felony in Michigan.

Motorists who are charged with third-offense drunk driving in Michigan face serious penalties, including jail time, heavy fines, community service and up to a five-year driver’s license revocation. Anyone facing felony drunk driving charges in Michigan may wish to retain an experienced drunk driving defense attorney to ensure their rights are protected and a strong defense is presented.

Source: Kalamazoo Gazette, “Bangor man charged with drunken driving after steering his car into a ditch on M-43,” Julie Mack, Jan. 7, 2012

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