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Meth lab bust leads to arrest of 2 Hartford, Michigan, residents

Two residents of Hartford, Michigan have been charged with several methamphetamine-related crimes from an incident that occurred in May. According to the allegations against them, a man and woman, each 44 years old, broke the law by operating a meth lab, possessing meth and maintaining a drug house.

These are very serious charges and a conviction could carry harsh penalties, which could include jail time, substantial fines, a permanent criminal record and future employment consequences such as termination from current employment or difficulty finding a new job.

Michigan police say the meth lab was located inside the man and woman’s home, where police allege they found several gas generators, paraphernalia often used to manufacture meth and a small amount of marijuana.

The guilt of both individuals charged is yet to be established. Until the state is able to prove its case against them, including the elements of each charge, the man and woman are innocent of the charges.

Lately, Michigan police have been aggressive in their fight against meth-related crimes and the possibility exists that they may cut corners to bring drug charges. Fortunately, anyone charged with a drug crime has the right to a defense and there are several defenses available to drug-related charges, regardless of their severity. One example of a defense is challenging the validity of a search warrant, which must be supported by probable cause and executed properly.

A vigorous and strategic defense to a drug charge often means the difference between time behind bars and maintaining one’s freedom.

Source: MLive.com, “2 Hartford residents arrested in meth bust,” Aaron Mueller, June 13, 2012

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