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Kalamazoo law enforcement raid meth home, arrest three

Those who make and sell drugs from their home may be under investigation by law enforcement. That is the message that the Kalamazoo COPS Unit brought home after raiding a meth home in Vicksburg, about a half-hour outside Kalamazoo, on Jan. 5.

An ongoing investigation led police to the home. The local SWAT Unit also came along, as it was believed that the residents of the home were armed and dangerous. After the necessary warrants were obtained, police searched the home and found components of a meth lab.

Five people were inside the home, which also contained meth, stolen items and a loaded firearm. The homeowner, a 33-year-old man, and his wife face charges for outstanding felony assault warrants. Another person was arrested for a probation violation. The other two occupants were not arrested.

Drug manufacturing carries stiffer criminal charges than drug possession. Law enforcement can determine if a drug, such as meth in this case, was being manufactured in a home by looking at the type of materials found in the home. Police would look for chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamines, such as pseudoephedrine and household chemicals.

State and federal laws apply to drug possession, manufacturing and trafficking cases. The severity of the charges depends on the type of drug and the amount produced. It is unknown how much meth was found in the home or how much was produced, but these figures would determine the type of charges as well as fines and jail time, if required.

Source: WKZO, “Kalamazoo’s C.O.P.S. Division takes down drug house near Vicksburg,” Jan. 6, 2013

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