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3 Three Rivers residents arrested in drug raid

An arrest for methamphetamine possession is a very serious matter in Grand Rapids. The potential criminal penalties that accompany it can vary depending on the circumstances of the arrest. If one is caught simply in possession of meth, he or she may face a misdemeanor charge along with court-mandated drug counseling. However, should the suspect be arrested with a large amount of the drug or if he or she has been arrested before for drug possession, a felony charge with an associated prison sentence is a real possibility.

When suspects are found to be carrying large amounts of meth, the issue of whether or not they intended to distribute it may be raised. Little room for speculation is left if they’re actually found to be operating their own meth lab.

This is the situation 3 Three Rivers residents find themselves in after being arrested by police during a drug raid. The search reportedly produced drug-making paraphernalia, which led to charges of drug possession and operating a meth lab being filed against the three suspects.

Being charged with operating a drug house further compounds any original charges of possession that one may already be facing. Now he or she may be looking at an extended prison term. Beyond that, there’s the issue of removing the meth and any drug-related paraphernalia from the location, which will often require a hazmat team. Suspects can be held liable for the expenses associated with that cleanup, further adding to the problems they’re already facing.

Whatever the circumstances of one’s methamphetamine arrest, he or she may wish to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help in working with the court to arrange an acceptable outcome to his or her case.

Source: Kalamazoo Gazette – Mlive.com “Three Rivers meth bust leads to 3 arrests” Aaron Mueller, Oct. 01, 2013

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