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Search of single home leads to 10 arrests in Kalamazoo

Authorities in Kalamazoo Township recently received information about a particular house in the area. Police suspected that drugs were an issue in this specific home, although it was unclear whether the suspicions were based on a citizen tip or other evidence.

When police learned of the possible drug use at the home, they put together a team of officers that would conduct a raid early in the evening on Wednesday, April 30. That single raid on that single home left 10 people in need of a criminal defense attorney — and likely more.

When the 18 officers arrived at the home, there were several people on the property. Two individuals immediately fled from the scene, and 12 others were either in the home or outside it. Officers used dogs to track down the two individuals that had left the premises. The officers also searched the premises and found a single shotgun as well as three different set-ups claimed to be used in the production of methamphetamine.

Although the raid was put together based on the suspicion of drug crimes, these suspicions were not the only basis for the arrests. Officers not only determined the identities of those on the premises, but they also determined that seven of the individuals had outstanding arrest warrants. The report was unclear as to the original basis for the outstanding warrants.

Also added to the list were charges against one individual for probation violations, resisting arrest and for possessing a weapon as a felon.

Criminal charges were not the only consequences suffered by the individuals on the premises. A child was taken away from his or her parents by Child Protective Services and placed with a relative pending investigation.

Source: WKZO, “Kalamazoo Township meth raid nets multiple arrests and more are coming,” John McNeill, April 30, 2014

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