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3 people face drug, stolen property charges

Working on a tip, police recently detained three people in Sturgis on charges of possession and delivery of methamphetamine, felony firearms and possession of stolen property. According to the Sturgis Police Department, officers found drugs and stolen property at a Centreville Road address related to the three individuals.

On June 18, police searched the Centreville Road location. According to police, the amount of crystal methamphetamine and stolen property that officers discovered there was substantial. Moreover, police reported that they found more than $3,000 in cash during the search.

The stolen property is allegedly linked to multiple home invasions in parts of Michigan and Indiana. According to police, the stolen property included electronics, a handgun and jewelry.

Convictions on the drug charges alone may elicit severe penalties for the three accused individuals in this case. Those penalties might include but are not limited to expensive fines and a lengthy incarceration. Such consequences reflect the aggressive attitude the state of Michigan holds toward drug offenses.

Thus, it is necessary for people accused of drug offenses to mount a commensurably aggressive defense against the charges if they wish to avoid the penalties. Retaining a criminal defense attorney is paramount.

The defense attorney may review the case to ensure that police did not conduct an illegal search and seizure or violate the rights of the accused individuals. For, both could be grounds for the charges to be dismissed. Furthermore, the defense attorney might scrutinize the evidence and police reports encapsulated in the prosecution’s case for inaccuracies, contradictions and contamination. In this way, the attorney may question the credibility of the police work and challenge the validity of the incriminating evidence, which are two established strategies for having the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

Source: WOOD-TV, “3 arrested after meth, stolen property found”, June 18, 2014

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