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Michigan man detained for alleged involvement in mobile meth lab

Michigan State Police say that they took a man into custody after he allegedly fled from officers when they pulled over a mobile home. The incident happened on M-37 in Wexford County on Oct. 22.

According to reports from police, a 32-year-old male passenger in the mobile home fled from the scene after MSP officers stopped the vehicle. Police then searched the vehicle and reportedly found items and chemicals that are used to make methamphetamine. The driver was taken into custody for having outstanding warrants.

Police were later notified that the 32-year-old was hidden at a home approximately 2 miles from the scene of the traffic stop. Upon arrival, authorities discovered him in a barn close to the home. He was detained and booked into Wexford County Jail. Police are seeking warrants against the individuals for retaining a drug vehicle, possessing marijuana, running a lab to manufacture meth, resisting detainment and obstructing police, along with other charges.

People who face drug charges, whether they are for the possession or manufacture of drugs, could face serious legal sanctions. If the accused is convicted, he or she could be fined thousands of dollars and be imprisoned. Additionally, after an individual is released from jail, he or she might have a difficult time finding employers to hire him or her.

A legal professional might help the accused by formulating a defense strategy that could possibly lead to reduced or dropped charges. For instance, a lawyer could argue that charges be dropped if the defendant’s rights were violated during an arrest. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a case, a lawyer might also negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution to reduce the penalties.

Source: minews 26, “Police Arrest Man Involved in Mobile Meth Lab“, Eric Wotila, October 23, 2014

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