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Kalamazoo man facing felony human trafficking charges

Many Michigan residents have a criminal history. Though, those who have paid their debt to society should have their prior convictions left where they belong. In the past, they can come up if allegations of recent criminal wrongdoing arise. This can be challenging for accused individuals to deal with, since they are innocent until proven guilty. In instances where the new allegations involve a criminal offense that many deem extremely offensive, one’s history can be examined with an even larger magnifying glass.

A Kalamazoo man may be facing this situation now after being taken into custody on multiple felony charges, stemming from alleged human trafficking. According to reports, the 32-year-old man is accused of forcing several women into prostitution in exchange for drugs or as a way to pay off drug-related debts.

Police claim that four women admitted to being forced into prostitution, and they also claim that the accused has a lengthy criminal record related to narcotics, firearms and domestic violence. If convicted of the three charges levied against him, this man could face 20 years or more in prison.

When facing allegations, like this, an accused individual may have several defense options. First, he or she should try to discredit the probative value of his or her criminal history. Second, the defendant should develop a strategy to attack the witnesses’ statements. Are they credible? Would they have motive to lie regarding the events in question? And, third, police procedures should be analyzed to see if there are any issues with regard to evidence collection, as any mistake could render evidence inadmissible in court.

These legal issues can be complicated, but extremely important to the outcome of any case, let alone those involving sex crimes. Therefore, those facing serious felony charges should consider every legal option available to them, something with which a criminal defense attorney can assist.

Source: WOOD TV 8, “Kalamazoo man accused of forcing women into sex trade,” May 11, 2016

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