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You have rights when it comes to managing your divorce

Although many individuals think about divorce as an emotional, personal process, it truly is a legal undertaking. There are, of course, elements of divorce that tug at the hearts of Kalamazoo residents who choose to go through it, but at its very core a divorce is the termination of a legal relationship that was created through marriage.

As such, divorce proceedings must follow certain rules and meet certain criteria in order to be valid. A person who fails to respond to notices, does not provide information at the request of the court or who otherwise fails to engage with their divorce proceedings may find that their rights to support, custody and property are diminished through their lack of attention.

When beginning a divorce or discovering that their spouse has filed for divorce, a Michigan resident can benefit from soliciting the help of a family law attorney. Lawyers who work in this particular area of the law are prepared to stand up for their clients’ rights while ensuring that the legal requirements of the divorce process are met so that their clients’ goals may be achieved.

At our law firm, we provide divorce services for individuals throughout the metropolitan area. We understand that divorce is emotional and hard on families, but also that careful attention to the law is necessary to ensure that our clients emerge from their divorces with their rights intact.

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