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Key facts about white collar criminal charges

Though white collar crimes do not usually involve physical harm, they are still quite dangerous and, therefore, are held very serious by the courts. If you face accusations of a white collar crime, you face criminal charges that may come with significant penalties.

To prepare for such events properly, it is important to understand what they entail. There are a few key facts to know about white collar criminal charges.


There are different types of white collar crimes. Many of them fall under fraud, which Michigan legislation 750.218 describes in detail. Some of the most common types include:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Embezzlement

These are just a few of the main types of white collar crimes people know about. However, most crimes involving a person using fraudulent tactics to seize the funds of others fall under white collar crimes.


Courts usually follow sentencing guidelines when determining the penalty for these types of crimes. Penalties may be fines, jail time, or both. Most judgments fair on the lower end of the penalty spectrum, however, some offenders do receive the maximum penalties.

Civil liability

A victim or the government may pursue civil action against the offending party. In a civil case, the claimant may seek all profits from the crime as restitution for the action. Depending on the parameters of the case, the government may also choose to file for asset forfeiture, which would allow them to seize anything that the defendant purchases with the proceeds of the crime.

These are a few key factors to know in regards to white collar charges. If you or a loved one face such accusations, take some time to become familiar with the particular charges and the law to determine the best course of action. It may also be beneficial to contact a knowledgeable professional for assistance through the process.

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