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When is a temporary marijuana event license needed?

To host a special event at which you intend to allow consumption of marijuana products, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency requires that you obtain a temporary marijuana event license.

Even if you already hold a marijuana event organizer license, the state requires a temporary license for an event taking place at a nonresidential site where you will allow others to use marijuana products and you expect to profit financially by charging an entry fee, selling services or goods or requiring membership as a condition to entry.

How can you obtain a temporary license?

You must apply for a temporary license at least 90 days before your event begins. As you assemble your application materials, note that the state also requires you to file for and obtain both prequalification status and a marijuana event organizer license if you do not already have these approvals.

These submissions may made prior to or concurrent with your application for a temporary license.

What rules apply to a temporary license?

There are several special rules that govern temporary licenses:

  • The municipality in which you plan to hold the event must approve your proposed venue.
  • Your license may have a term of a single day or up to a maximum of seven consecutive days.
  • The collection and disposal of marijuana waste must comply with state law.
  • No one under 21 years old may attend the event.
  • Marijuana sales or use may not be visible from a public place.

Your marijuana event organizer license or other license may be subject to disciplinary action by the state if you host a special event without a temporary event license.

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