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Drug crime charges filed for marijuana cultivation

Drug crimes are serious offenses in Michigan and elsewhere, and they should not be taken lightly. A conviction for even a misdemeanor can lead to losing your license or negatively impact the chance at pursuing college or employment. Felony marijuana crimes for distributing or growing marijuana can lead to prison time and hefty fines.

Two Indiana men were arrested recently, following a police search of a home in the town of Valparaiso. Police say they found a large marijuana cultivation facility in the home, although neither man was present at the time. Both were later charged with drug crimes when police saw them drive by the home during the search.

One of the men arrested is said to be the owner of the home. He faces charges of marijuana cultivation and marijuana possession, as well as maintaining and common nuisance allegations. The second man faces a misdemeanor for visiting a common nuisance. Based on a local newspaper report, it is unclear what connection the second man has with the cultivation facility.

Police searched the home after what was said to be an anonymous tip leading to an investigation. Allegedly, 50 marijuana plants were found within the home, along with equipment claimed to be necessary to grow the plants. Police further say that all three levels of the home were used for the alleged illegal horticulture operation.

Anyone who is convicted of a drug crime in Michigan, and elsewhere is entitled to a robust and aggressive defense. An attorney may ensure that all legal rights are protected and fight to achieve the most favorable result based on the actual facts and circumstances proven in a court of law.

Source: nwitimes.com, “Pot grown in Valpo home, cops say,” Jeff Burton, Sept. 22, 2011

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