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Effective Possession of Marijuana Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

Although possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor, the conviction can result in driver’s license suspension and affect college and employment opportunities. Illegal marijuana cultivation and distribution are felony crimes that can lead to jail or prison, even for a first offense.

In other words, simple possession of marijuana cannot be taken lightly, and higher-level marijuana charges can be punished just as harshly as other drug crimes.

If you have been charged or arrested for marijuana possession, contact David G. Moore, Attorney at Law. Our attorneys are well-respected criminal defense lawyers who are led by former prosecutor, David Moore. Attorney Moore has extensive experience with drug prosecutions. Our team will exhaust your defenses and work to minimize the criminal and collateral consequences.

Drug Crime Defense In Southwest Michigan

Based in Kalamazoo, our attorneys practice in surrounding counties of Southwest Michigan. As drug possession defense lawyers, we have represented adults and juveniles, as well as college students and nonresidents caught with marijuana.

Penalties For Marijuana Possession

A first offense of simple possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor. It may be possible to keep the first offense off your record to avoid jail and six-month driver’s license suspension.

You may face felony charges for:

  • Possessing a significant quantity of marijuana
  • Distributing or selling marijuana: Dealing with marijuana can be punished by several years in prison. Even giving a joint to a friend for free can be charged as a crime.
  • Growing marijuana: Just a few unauthorized plants can be punished by prison time and heavy fines. A major cultivation operation (200 or more plants) carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Law

Michigan allows possession of a small quantity of marijuana and growing of marijuana plants for those who have a doctor-authorized medical marijuana card. Possessing or growing pot without a card is a crime. If you are facing criminal charges for possession of medicinal-use marijuana or for violating the cultivation rules, we can explore your legitimate defenses.

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