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Arrests made after Kalamazoo police get tough on cruising

A recent crackdown in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has led to multiple arrests. Police arrested several people over a three-day period for drug-related crimes, including several marijuana-related charges. None of the people charged have been convicted yet, and many of them will likely fight their charges.

The arrests and charges come as part of the city’s effort to decrease criminal activity. In all, 23 people were arrested and 58 charges were brought against them. Many of those who were charged are in their teens and early 20s.

Examples of the charges brought include possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, intent to deliver ecstasy and intent to deliver marijuana. In addition to these drug-related charges, additional charges include carrying a concealed firearm, felony resisting arrest, driving while intoxicated, fleeing and eluding police and hit and run. Kalamazoo police also issued nine misdemeanor citations, 22 citations for civil infractions and impounded 14 vehicles.

Members of the community say that, among other things, alleged drug-related activity, excessive noise during late hours and the use of guns in the city’s neighborhoods probably influenced the police department’s decision to make the 23 arrests over such a short period of time. According to residents, groups of people often gather in Kalamazoo late at night and then travel to the city’s neighborhoods where they buy and sell drugs, become violent and engage in other illegal activities such as drunk driving. Whether these allegations are true, though, is not yet known.

While quite a few people were arrested, that does not automatically translate into a conviction. There are many potential defenses to a criminal charge, including issues that relate to the legality of searches and seizures or traffic stops.

Source: MLive.com, “23 people arrested in cruising line crackdown by Kalamazoo police,” Aaron Mueller, June 4, 2012

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