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FBI agent raids home, finds marijuana cultivation operation

Investigators in Van Buren County, Michigan, recently busted an indoor marijuana growing cultivation in the area and had reason to believe that some of the suspects would be found in Bangor, about 40 minutes outside Kalamazoo. An FBI agent and narcotics detectives carried out another marijuana raid on January 24.

After obtaining a search warrant, the detectives raided the home and allegedly found 81 marijuana plants, several pounds of processed marijuana and two firearms. Scales, paperwork, packaging materials and $800 in cash were also found, leading authorities to believe that the suspects were selling the drug.

Two men, ages 24 and 36, are believed to be suspects. Both live in Chicago. No arrests were made in the case, but detectives and FBI agents continue to investigate.

It is unknown why the two men were not arrested and charged with any drug crimes. Drug possession, manufacturing and cultivation — including the growing of marijuana — is a crime in all states. However, state and federal laws vary based on the type of drug and amount manufactured. For example, marijuana is often seen as harmless compared to more addictive drugs such as cocaine and meth. Therefore, the drug charges for marijuana are often more lenient.

Drug trafficking laws also come into play in this case. Because there is evidence of drug sales — scales, cash and packaging materials — it might be assumed that the suspects were selling or attempting to sell the marijuana. In addition, the large amount of marijuana found in the home points to possible trafficking. All of these charges carry serious consequences. An experienced marijuana possession defense attorney can help mitigate possible penalties and protect rights of those accused of possession.

Source: MLive, “Police seize 81 marijuana plants, 2 guns during drug raid near Bangor,” Rex Hall, Jr., Jan. 24, 2012

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