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David G. Moore

David G. Moore graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he earned his law degree with honors. Attorney Moore spent the early years of his career as an assistant prosecutor in both Cass County and St. Joseph County, when he litigated cases at state and federal levels. He is a seasoned specialist in all facets of pre-indictment investigation, post-indictment proceedings, jury trials, and appeals cases.

Brought up in West Michigan, Mr. Moore offers his professional services to residents of Battle Creek and surrounding communities throughout the region. He tirelessly advocates for his clients’ rights in criminal court proceedings involving misdemeanor and felony:

A criminal defense and family law attorney, David G. Moore has deep knowledge of and experience in litigating all types of criminal charges. While avoiding trial is typically a key goal, he’s always prepared to take your case all the way.

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frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need a criminal defense attorney?
    You're not required to retain a lawyer in Michigan, but it can be very costly to not do so. An effective criminal defense attorney can be invaluable, particularly when you’re in jeopardy of losing your freedom.
  • Which categories of criminal charges does your law firm handle?
    David G. Moore and his team of capable criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend you across the entire spectrum of possible charges. However, we most commonly represent clients charged with violent crimes, drug offenses, and drunk driving.
  • What are the possible outcomes of criminal convictions in Battle Creek, Michigan?
    If you're convicted of a criminal charge in southwest Michigan, you could face probation, incarceration, fines, loss of your rights, and a permanent criminal record. That's why it's crucial to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney, and ensure that your rights are being protected in court.
  • How much does it cost to retain a criminal defense lawyer?
    There are various factors that determine the precise price you'll pay for a skilled criminal defense attorney, including whether or not the case is likely to go to trial. You can learn everything you need to know about our fee structure during your free consultation appointment.
  • Is your firm experienced in handling criminal defense cases?
    David G. Moore and his team of experienced attorneys have extensive knowledge of, and direct experience in all subdisciplines within the criminal law realm. Mr. Moore is a former assistant prosecutor, allowing him to better appeal to the entire court as a defense lawyer.
  • What should I search for when selecting a criminal defense lawyer in Battle Creek?
    Knowledge and experience matter - a lot - in criminal defense cases. Look for an attorney who's familiar with and successful in the court system you're charged in, and with the ability to efficiently communicate complex legal matters in a language you can understand.