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Confident Weapons Charges Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

If you have been convicted of a felony in Michigan, you are not allowed to carry a gun. If you are arrested as a previous offender, or felon in possession of a firearm, you are facing serious consequences. You will be charged with the firearm possession charge as well as the other criminal charge. You will automatically have to serve a mandatory two years for the felon in possession, and then the penalty for the other crime begins only after this.

At David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, we are equipped to protect your rights when you are facing weapons charges. If you have been convicted of a felony and have now been arrested on weapons charges, you need to put forth a strong defense. Call (269) 808-8007 to get answers to your questions.

Examining The Evidence To Build A Defense

Our work will involve looking at:

  • Were your constitutional rights violated at any point along the way toward your arrest or even after your arrest?
  • Was there a witness against you who made false allegations?
  • Was there an issue of an improper search and seizure?
  • Were there mitigating circumstances that brought you to be carrying a weapon?
  • Did you unknowingly violate the law banning felons from possession of firearms?

Skilled Handling Of All Weapons Charges

There are numerous ways to be charged with weapons offenses. Possessing a firearm without proper licensure is a crime in itself. Even if you do have a license to possess a firearm, it is illegal to carry a weapon that is concealed (CCW) without obtaining a concealed carry permit, as is possessing a firearm after being convicted of certain felony crimes. Of course assault with a deadly weapon is also a serious crime.

Our lawyers have successfully defended clients accused of all types of weapons charges. Talk with us if you are facing a weapons charge. We can help you.

Our firm’s founder is a former district attorney who now focuses on defending clients accused of serious state and federal crimes. Attorney David Moore will zealously pursue every potential avenue of defense on your behalf, including if you indeed were in possession of the weapon at the time of your arrest. Please remember that the prosecution must prove every aspect of the charge against you, beyond a reasonable doubt. Our team will press every weakness in their case and use it to your advantage to obtain the most favorable results that we can on your behalf.

Gun Rights Restoration

Our law firm represents clients who are seeking to restore their gun rights. We can assist you in seeking to obtain a DCW permit.

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