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Diplomatic Juvenile Defense Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

At David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, our lawyers have more than a decade of criminal law experience. We are here to vigorously defend your child’s best interests at every stage of a juvenile legal proceeding.

Defending Juveniles Against Criminal Charges

Serving Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and all of southwest Michigan, we represent juveniles who have been accused of virtually every type of crime, including:

Minor In Possession (MIP)

The legal drinking age is 21, but many young men and women choose to consume alcohol long before they are of that age. If your child has been arrested on a charge of MIP, of either alcohol or drugs, the consequences can be serious.

If convicted of minor in possession of alcohol, your child will lose his or her license and the arrest will result in a criminal record. This can affect a student’s ability to obtain student loans. It can also affect his or her ability to obtain a job in a chosen career because nearly all employers do background checks.

Our firm regularly works with many out-of-state parents whose college-age children have been arrested for MIP. While college-age students at Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University and other local Michigan colleges rarely think about being arrested after leaving a frat party, it does happen all too often.

Defending Teenagers Against Sex Offenses And Other Felonies

Sex crimes and criminal sexual conduct (CSC) are extremely serious. Our attorneys have been able to obtain case dismissals, unearth mitigating circumstances and minimize the consequences of serious charges like these.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer and former district attorney, David Moore, our founding lawyer, can be a tenacious advocate for your child. You can depend on all members of our firm to do everything in their power to defend your child against allegations or charges. We will review every aspect of the case and hire a private investigator and other experts to uncover the important details that may have been overlooked.

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