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Parental rights have evolved rapidly in recent decades. Laws today regarding parental rights focus on the rights of both parents when it comes to the children. Mothers and children have the right to be supported by the father, and the father also has the right to be involved in his child’s life.

At David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, many of our clients are simply fathers who wish to be involved in the lives of their children. For this involvement to happen, though, a father’s rights must be legally recognized. Many fathers are surprised to learn that simply claiming to be the biological father of a child and even agreeing to pay support entitles them to nothing.

Using DNA Tests To Establish Paternal Rights

We regularly work with clients to ensure that their rights as fathers are legally recognized. Our lawyers know that clients want to enjoy those rights in everyday life with their children. We also work with clients who wish to disprove paternity for a child when a mother may be seeking obligations from the client that properly belong to the biological father.

Our attorneys understand a father’s rights to a child because we advise mothers regularly with respect to their rights to have fathers contribute to the financial well-being of children. This situation many times involves the more commonly known scenario for paternity tests to prove the identity of a father.

In all these situations, we apply our principles of putting our clients’ needs at the forefront. We zealously represent all our clients and understand how to apply the legal strategies necessary to help them achieve their legal goals. As protectors of our clients’ interests, it gives us great pride to be invited into our clients’ lives to help them with some of the most basic, yet highly sacred rights our society seeks to uphold.

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