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It is frustrating and disappointing to see the lights flashing behind you after a traffic violation in Michigan, but you should be aware that these cases are more than a mere hassle. Your driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. Though you expect little more than a fine, authorities can take your license away through a suspension or revocation. The implications of a ticket are cumulative, which means it is critical to fight every citation with vigor. Some traffic violations are also misdemeanors or felonies, making criminal punishment a threat.

Your driver’s license affects your personal needs, employment, and family, so you cannot put it at risk through traffic violations. You need experienced legal representation, and David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, is ready to deliver. With experience as a prosecutor under his belt, David is able to use these skills to defend your interests. Prosecutors may not be prepared for a forceful defense effort, giving you an advantage in contesting the evidence.

You have options with traffic tickets, so please contact David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, to learn how a Grand Rapids traffic violations lawyer serves your interests.

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frequently asked questions

  • Is a traffic violation a serious offense in Michigan?
    Many people view a ticket as no big deal and will accept the fine, but some citations carry implications you did not expect. Fines for basic violations start at $65 and reach up to $195 and more for speeding. Plus, some violations of traffic laws involve criminal charges.
  • Are there additional consequences for a Grand Rapids traffic violation?
    Besides paying fines and possibly being sentenced to jail, keep in mind that you accumulate points on your driving record. You add points with every violation, and eventually your driver’s license is subject to suspension.
  • What are ways to fight a traffic citation?
    There are defenses to many traffic violations, including speeding tickets where technology is the source of evidence. Radar devices are notoriously inaccurate if not properly calibrated and maintained.
  • Do I have other options for a traffic ticket in Michigan?
    If you have a clean record, you might be able to reduce the fine and points by agreement with the prosecutor. Some minor traffic violations may be eligible for points reduction. You will typically be required to complete a driver improvement program to qualify.
  • Can a lawyer help with defending a traffic ticket?
    A Grand Rapids traffic tickets attorney is essential when you want to get the best possible result in court. If there are opportunities to reduce the fine and points, you can count on your lawyer to work through them.
  • How long does it take to resolve a traffic violation?
    The timing varies by case, but you can typically work out a ticket within a matter of weeks. Resolving it by agreement is usually faster, enabling you to move forward with your life.