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Weapons crimes are among the most serious criminal charges a person can face, and Michigan laws are harsh when it comes to punishment. You may be looking at a long prison sentence and high fines, because many of these cases are felonies. However, penalties only apply if you are convicted. There are defenses to weapons offenses, as well as many other strategies to minimize harsh sentencing. It is critical to take advantage of all opportunities to fight for your rights.

David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, is well-versed on strategies for defending weapons crimes, having spent some time as a prosecutor. His skills effectively carry over into fighting for the rights of those accused of serious criminal charges. David will pursue all possible defense options, aiming to attack the government’s case. He is also proficient with other ways to resolve the charges in your favor, and plea bargaining may be to your advantage.

To learn more about Grand Rapids weapons offenses lawyer can assist with your case, please contact David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my rights if I was arrested for weapons offenses in Grand Rapids?
    You have a wide range of constitutional rights, and two are particularly important in a weapons case. One is your right to remain silent, so do not answer questions or provide statements. The second is your right to counsel, which you exercise by contacting your criminal defense attorney right away.
  • Do I have rights related to police misconduct?
    Another important right is being free from unlawful search and seizure, but officers often violate the law. They are overzealous when looking for firearms and other weapons, to your detriment.
  • Can I challenge the evidence in a Michigan weapons offense case?
    An unlawful search and seizure is a prime opportunity to contest the evidence. Anything illegally turned up by police must be tossed out of court, which means the prosecution may not be able to meet its burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • How does punishment work if I’m convicted for weapons charges?
    A judge will first apply the sentencing guidelines for a misdemeanor or felony, which include different terms of incarceration depending on the crime. One of the most serious felonies, assault with a deadly weapon, could lead to life in prison.
  • Are there other consequences?
    You could have problems with employment and background checks with a conviction on your record. With weapons charges, your Second Amendment rights are also affected. You could be prohibited from possessing a firearm.
  • How can a defense attorney help me navigate the criminal process?
    You need legal support from a Grand Rapids weapons offenses lawyer throughout the proceedings and pretrial, especially with motions based on a violation of your civil rights. At trial, your attorney will present evidence and arguments to persuade the jury in your favor.