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David G. Moore

Now a highly respected criminal defense attorney in Wyoming, Michigan, and surrounds, David G. Moore is a former Assistant Prosecutor in both Cass and Saint Joseph counties. As a prosecutor, he masterfully litigated thousands of cases at both state and federal levels. Today, he is a seasoned legal authority, representing his esteemed clients with deep knowledge of both sides of the legal spectrum. Trust in his solid expertise in all facets of pre-indictment research, post-indictment dealings, trial by jury, and appeals.

David was brought up in Western Michigan, and today, he offers his professional criminal defense services to his friends and neighbors in Wyoming, and other communities throughout the state. He ceaselessly advocates for his clientele’s rights in criminal court hearings involving misdemeanor and felony levels of:


As a family law and criminal defense attorney, David G. Moore has a deep capability for litigating all types of criminal offenses. Trust that his team will fight ceaselessly for your rights, and to have your charges exonerated, if possible.

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If you’re found guilty of a criminal offense in Wyoming, Michigan, it can cause very serious long-term implications in your life. Trust our experienced litigators to minimize the future impact of this situation.
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frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of hiring a criminal defense lawyer?
    Be it a misdemeanor or a felony, if you're charged with a criminal offense, it can have devastating effects. We do not recommend self-representation in court. Allow our extensively experienced legal professionals to advocate for your rights and litigate for you to achieve the best outcomes.
  • What are the likely penalties of criminal convictions in Wyoming, Michigan?
    In southwest Michigan, if you're convicted of a criminal offense, you could face prison, jail, fines, parole, probation, a permanent criminal record, community service hours, counseling, and a loss of your driving privileges or other rights.
  • What does it cost to hire a David G. Moore Law Firm criminal defense attorney?
    Each case is unique, and therefore so is the cost for representation. It doesn't cost anything to come in and sit down with one of our professional legal experts and discuss your case. We’ll discuss our fees in detail then.
  • Which types of criminal defense cases does your law firm handle?
    The team of skilled and seasoned attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm have multiple decades of experience. We expertly handle all types of criminal offenses, regardless if they are misdemeanor or felony charges, and regardless if they are state or federal offenses.
  • What characteristics should I look for when choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Wyoming?
    If you're looking for a highly effective attorney in Wyoming, Michigan, or anywhere else for that matter, search for one with direct experience in the legal subdiscipline that you're dealing with. Look for an attorney who's motivated, takes the time to get to know the details of your case, and demonstrates a true desire to achieve the best outcome for you.
  • I have other questions. Can you help?
    Definitely. Just pick up the phone and call our friendly and helpful staff at 269-466-1501. We're always here, ready to assist you with high-value legal representation and honest advice throughout this sensitive time in life.