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Experienced Grand Rapids traffic violations lawyer offers expert legal representation for clients facing traffic-related charges, providing aggressive defense strategies and protecting their driving privileges in court proceedings.

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Before you represent yourself in court and plead guilty to a traffic violations charge, it’s wise to consult with the experienced attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm first. You see, in many cases, the outcome in court turns out to be much more serious than anticipated. And once you have entered the guilty plea, you’re going to have to face those consequences. So, whether you have been charged with a smaller crime like coasting through a stop sign, or a more serious charge like felonious speeding, know that you have a team of no-nonsense attorneys waiting to assist.

Smart Traffic Crime Lawyers in Wyoming, Michigan

Attorney Moore and his team of experienced criminal defense lawyers have helped thousands of drivers in Wyoming, Michigan, deal with all types of traffic violations charges. We utilize a client-focused approach, and we’ll take time to get to know the nuances of your case, so that we can deliver strategic, aggressive representation to serve you best. We’re here to make sure that you are represented fairly in court, and that you regain your right to drive as soon as possible.

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Our team of successful traffic crime attorneys understand that even a small traffic violation charge can lead to significant consequences. Trust us to achieve the least impactful results for you in court.
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Every charge and every case are unique in multiple ways. Allow us to take the time to understand the smallest details of your case so that we can represent you with personalized care.
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With many thousands of traffic violations cases successfully represented in our past, we’ve developed tried and true strategies to empower our clients. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

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frequently asked questions

  • What are the most regular traffic offenses?
    While there are numerous different categories of traffic violations possible, the most common ones our law firm deals with our hit-and-run, driving with no operator’s license, driving with no insurance, speeding, reckless driving, and DUI.
  • What’s the highest penalty for a DUI in Wyoming, MI?
    If it's your first driving under the influence conviction, and your blood alcohol content wasn’t excessive, the most serious punishment you could receive is 93 days in jail, and a $2500 fine. On top of that, you could be sentenced to up to 360 hours of community service.
  • What makes a superb criminal defense lawyer?
    You always want to retain an attorney with direct experience in the area of law you need assistance with. Plus, that attorney should have a true passion for what he or she does, along with excellent negotiation skills, and the resources necessary to create a desirable result for you in court.
  • How much does it cost to hire a David G. Moore Law Firm lawyer for a traffic violations case?
    What you will pay for our superior legal representation will depend on the seriousness of your traffic violation charge, how clear or unclear the evidence against you is, your criminal past, and whether anybody was injured because of your negligent driving. We can discuss all nuances of our fee structure during a one-on-one, 100% free consultation.
  • Can I accelerate the process of getting my driving privileges restored?
    Every case is different, but there are some things you can do to expedite getting your driver’s privileges returned. These include paying off all of your fines, completing any community service hours you were ordered to, fulfilling the minimum suspension period of your sentence, maintaining gainful employment, and completing any traffic school sessions you may have been ordered to.
  • Who do I call for the highest quality traffic violation legal representation in Wyoming, Michigan?
    That's the easiest question to answer of all! Call our friendly and compassionate traffic violations attorneys in Wyoming, Michigan, right now, at 269-466-1501. We're here waiting to help you.