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When you violate the terms of your probation, you’re breaking a contract with a court of law. Judges, prosecutors, and probation officers tend not to like that very much. If you have violated your probation, the judge might decide to terminate you’re eligibility, and then decide to initiate the original penalty that was deferred when you were granted probation. And, unfortunately, that could mean jail time.

Attorney David G. Moore and his team deliver exceptional legal services that can protect you from incarceration, and help to restore you to the good graces of the probation department. They offer personalized representation if you:

  • Missed one or more scheduled appointments with your probation officer
  • Used alcohol or controlled substances against your probation terms
  • Left the geographical area that you’re supposed to remain in
  • Fell behind on your court fine payments
  • Committed a new criminal offense

If you’re on probation in Wyoming, MI, and have been charged with a violation of your probationary terms, you can count on the experienced probation violation attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm for brilliant representation to protect your rights, and to work diligently to produce the best possible outcome for you in your situation. Call us, right now, and allow us to help you avoid arrest, even if there’s a bench warrant out for you already.

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If you’re already on probation, you understand that probation departments and the people who work in them can be intimidating. Trust our team of no-nonsense lawyers to protect your rights and ensure your treated fairly.
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frequently asked questions

  • What are the possible penalties of a probation violation in Wyoming, Michigan?
    When you violate your probation, you could receive all or any part of the original sentence you received when you were given probation as an option.
  • How can a probation violation attorney help me through the legal process?
    A successful probation violations defense attorney has a firm grip on the inner workings of the court system. In most cases, it's not a good idea to self-represent in any type of criminal case.
  • What rights do I have if I'm charged with a probation violation in Wyoming, MI?
    It's very important for your long-term success and happiness to utilize your right to obtain legal counsel when you're charged with a probation violation. If you don't, the results can be devastating.
  • What issues can impact the seriousness of consequences for my probation violation?
    Some factors that can intensify the penalties you receive on a probation violation include a history of previous violations, blatant disrespect to court officers, or showing other types of obvious disdain for the legal system.
  • How can a criminal defense lawyer assist with my probation violation case?
    An efficient, smart criminal defense attorney can effectively communicate with the court for you in ways that you may not be able to. This will help the court officials to understand your unique situation better.
  • How do defense attorneys base their fees in Wyoming, Michigan?
    Some of the primary factors that determine what you will pay for effective criminal defense include your charges, your criminal history, how clear the evidence against you is, and the likelihood that the case goes to trial.