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Experienced Grand Rapids juvenile crime lawyer aggressively defends minors facing criminal charges, providing expert legal guidance and protection of their legal rights in court.

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If your child gets convicted of a juvenile crime, it can cause adverse consequences in his or her life for decades to come. The experienced juvenile crimes defense attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm are highly respected in the Wyoming, Michigan area, and we have extensive experience in this field. We are here to safeguard your teenager’s best interests, and ensure fair and just treatment, every step of the way through the court proceedings process.

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There’s no doubt that being young today can be challenging on many fronts. Sometimes, the most seemingly perfect young adult acts out and does something inappropriate. If your young person has somehow got involved in criminal activity, the best thing to do, now, is to retain highly effective legal counsel. The sooner you get David G. Moore and his team of top attorneys involved in your child’s case, the better the odds are for a pleasant outcome.

Our seasoned and compassionate attorneys specialize in defending teenagers and college-aged young adults who have been charged with illegal possession of alcohol or drugs, underage DUI or other traffic offenses, shoplifting or other types of theft, breaking and entering, sexual assault, and violent crimes. Don’t take any chances by showing up at court and trying to represent your child by yourself. You only get one shot at this. Let us help you protect your child’s rights.

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Our no-nonsense attorneys have multiple decades of experience representing juveniles and young adults. Count on us for compassionate, intelligent representation, and the best possible outcomes in court.

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We’re here to represent your child and tenaciously fight for his or her rights. We provide thorough investigative and litigative services, and we fight nonstop to vanquish all charges, if at all possible.
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We utilize tested and proven defensive strategies to optimize your child’s chances for a positive resolution in court. We’re always 100% dedicated to achieving the best results, so that your child has the best future possible.

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frequently asked questions

  • What are the most common juvenile crimes committed?
    Some of the most common juvenile crimes that we represent our clients for include traffic violations, larceny, assault, illegal purchases, sex offenses, alcohol and drug crimes, and violent crimes.
  • Why should I retain a young adult defense attorney in Wyoming, Michigan?
    It's of the utmost importance! Anything less than the best legal representation for your child could end up disastrous. You can trust our juvenile defense lawyers for vigorous defense that leaves no stone unturned.
  • How do criminal defense lawyers structure their fees?
    David G. Moore Law Firm legal fees are based on several variables, including the nature of the charges, if the case will likely go to trial, whether your child has a criminal history, the clarity of evidence, and other case particulars.
  • Does David G. Moore accept juvenile sex offense cases?
    Our team of criminal defense attorneys has extensive experience defending young adults against various types of sex crimes. Michigan takes sex crimes seriously, and you should take the selection of your legal counsel likewise.
  • How will the David G. Moore Law Firm safeguard my child against unfair prosecution?
    Our team of motivated attorneys feverishly attacks every case, and we will advocate for your juvenile’s rights, and provide personalized attention to every detail. We are motivated to achieve the best outcome.
  • Can I schedule a sit-down meeting with a juvenile crime defense lawyer?
    Yes, and it couldn't be easier. Pick up the phone, right now, and call our compassionate team at 269-466-1501. Or if you prefer, fill out our fast online contact form. One of our team will get back with you right away.