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Michigan drug laws are tough, and they cover a broad range of conduct and criminal activities related to controlled substances. Many of the offenses are misdemeanors, but they still carry jail time and fines if you are convicted. For the more serious felony cases, an offender could spend decades in maximum security prison. Plus, there are collateral consequences when there is a conviction for drug crimes on your record. You may experience difficulties with employment, housing, and other areas of your life even after serving your sentence.

Therefore, the best way to avoid these harsh implications is a strong defense. The prosecutor has a heavy burden to meet, enabling you to expose weaknesses. David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, knows how to exploit flaws in the government’s case, having spent time working for the prosecution. He now dedicates his skilled efforts to helping defendants defend drug offenses. Mr. Moore will pursue options for plea bargaining, but he is prepared to take your case to trial.

You need David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, on your side if you are facing charges for violating drug laws. Please contact us to speak with a Portage drug crimes lawyer about the details of your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of Michigan drug crimes does your firm handle?
    We take cases for possession, trafficking, and manufacturing in controlled substances. The offenses are organized according to the type of drug in terms of the dangers and how much is involved with the criminal activity.
  • How serious are the penalties for drug offenses?
    The crime may be charged as a felony or misdemeanor based upon the facts. A conviction for a misdemeanor could mean up to a year in jail, but a felony may lead to several years behind bars.
  • Can I get evidence tossed from court?
    It may be possible to have evidence excluded in your case if police engaged in unlawful search and seizure when investigating drug crimes. If this proof is tossed, the prosecutor may not have enough evidence to convict.
  • Are there other defenses to drug crimes?
    You could fight possession charges if the controlled substances were in place where you did not have exclusive control, such as the trunk or glove box of a vehicle. Additional defenses include mistake and lack of intent.
  • Is it possible to plea bargain?
    The prosecutor may agree to a plea bargain, in which you would plead guilty in exchange for reduced charges or punishment. Some individuals may also qualify for drug court in Michigan, which focuses on treatment instead of incarceration.
  • Why do I need a Portage drug crimes attorney to represent me?
    The government has a lawyer, so you even the playing field by having counsel on your side. An attorney with in-depth experience and knowledge will pursue all defenses and mitigation strategies to protect your rights.