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Law enforcement officers have many different tools at their disposal during the course of a criminal investigation. One of the most controversial tools available to police is the lie detector test. Also known as polygraph examinations, these tests purport to elicit the truthfulness of a subject when answering questions from the police. 

Unfortunately, these examinations are known to be unscientific and inaccurate. In fact, the results of these tests are so inaccurate the law does not permit the use of polygraph results at trial. Despite this, police frequently rely on these examinations in their effort to investigate crime. 

If the police have asked you to submit to a polygraph test, it is a good idea to first speak to an attorney. Polygraph defense attorney David G. Moore could advise you on if it is a good idea to cooperate with the police or not in your case.

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frequently asked questions

  • Can Polygraph Results be Used in Portage Courts?
    Polygraph examination results cannot be used at trial. There is a consensus that the results of these examinations are too inconclusive to allow them to be used in court.
  • Should I Agree to Take a Polygraph Test?
    Submitting to these tests is usually not in your best interest, but there might be times when it could help your defense. The most important thing is to consult with legal counsel before making this decision.
  • How Long is a Polygraph test in Portage?
    Every polygraph examination is different. Some exams are relatively short, consisting of only a few questions. Longer polygraph examinations could take up to four hours to complete. Your attorney can help you understand what to expect during an examination.
  • Can I Speak to a Lawyer Before a Polygraph Test in Portage?
    Polygraph examinations are never mandatory. Because of this, you always have the right to refuse a polygraph exam until you have had time to consult with an attorney. Keep in mind that the police could decide to arrest you following this refusal if there is grounds for a criminal charge.
  • Will Being Nervous Impact Test Results?
    Being nervous is only one of the factors that can result in a false positive on a polygraph examination. These factors are why the results of lie detector tests are not allowed in court.
  • Can Police in Portage Lie About Results of a Polygraph?
    The police have the power to use deception during the course of a criminal investigation. This includes lying about the outcome of a lie detector test.