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Even if you do not have a legal background, you can expect that violating Michigan sex crime laws is an extremely serious matter. An arrest could lead to a misdemeanor, but many of these cases include felony charges. Unfortunately, it is difficult to understand your rights when reviewing the statutes on sex offenses. There are complicated provisions based on the identity of the victim, especially with minors. You might realize that defenses are available, but bringing them before the court can be challenging. 

When you are looking at a lengthy prison term, steep fines, and collateral consequences like the requirement to register as a sex offender, qualified legal counsel is critical. David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, is experienced with sex crimes cases after spending years as a prosecutor. He transitions these skills to support the legal needs of defendants facing serious criminal charges. If defenses are available, Mr. Moore will pursue them. He will also explore all options to mitigate the impact.

To learn more about how a Portage sex crimes lawyer serves your needs, please contact David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, to discuss the details of your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I was arrested for Michigan sex crimes?
    Your first priority is getting qualified legal help, so contact a defense attorney immediately. In the meantime, do not answer questions or make statements to police. You could jeopardize your case through self-incrimination.
  • How does the timeline work in a sex offenses case?
    After being charged, you will attend court to enter a plea to the charges and arrange bond. Pretrial is the stage for motions to dismiss, discovery, and depositions. Then your case will be scheduled for trial.
  • Do I have any defenses?
    You will always have the opportunity to fight the prosecutor’s evidence, which can be weak in a sex offenses case. Plus, you might have a defense based upon consent of the victim. A plea bargain is another option to mitigate the charges by agreement.
  • What factors does a judge consider when issuing penalties?
    The first consideration is whether you are facing felony charges, as misdemeanors are less serious. The court will also look at underlying facts, such as your criminal history, use of a weapon, and the age of the victim.
  • Are there other consequences for a sex crimes conviction?
    You will be required to register as a sex offender in Michigan, for a time period designated by law. The conviction will also be on your permanent record, so it will appear on a background check for employment.
  • How can a Portage sex crimes lawyer help support my needs?
    An attorney will protect your rights by applying in-depth knowledge and experience to your case. Your lawyer develops a solid defense strategy to get the best possible outcome in negotiations or in court.