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Experienced Grand Rapids juvenile crime lawyer aggressively defends minors facing criminal charges, providing expert legal guidance and protection of their legal rights in court.

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If your child is convicted of a juvenile criminal offense, it can cause negative consequences for many years to come. At the Law Firm of David G. Moore, our accomplished attorneys have extensive criminal law experience. We are here to defend your teen’s best interests robustly and dynamically throughout the entire juvenile court proceedings process.

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Being young can be tough, and, sometimes, bad things happen to good people. If your young child, teenager, or college-aged young adult has gotten involved in any type of criminal proceedings, it’s intelligent to retain effective legal counsel as soon as possible. The sooner your child has effective representation, the better the odds are for a fluent solution.

Our experts specialize in defending juveniles and teenagers against criminal charges including possession of alcohol, possession of illicit drugs, underage DUI, criminal mischief, theft, possession of prescription drugs, breaking and entering, assault, and all types of sex charges. Don’t take your chances to show up in court without effective legal representation. Let us protect your child’s rights in court and ensure the most positive resolution.

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Trust the team of juvenile crimes criminal defense attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm for intense, intelligent legal representation and the fastest, least painful outcomes possible.
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Our criminal defense lawyers tenaciously advocate for each of our esteemed clients. Getting us involved early will help to achieve the most desirable resolution to the case.
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With decades of direct experience in criminal defense law, the experienced attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm utilize proven tactics to achieve optimal results in court.

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frequently asked questions

  • What is Minor in Possession (MIP)?
    The legal age to drink alcohol in Michigan is 21. MIP charges can stem from anyone under the legal age possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages or other restricted substances. If your young person has been charged with MIP, the penalties can be quite serious.
  • Why should I retain a juvenile crimes defense attorney in Battle Creek, Michigan?
    You don’t want to risk a negative outcome in court that could unnecessarily detract from the quality and contentment of your child’s future. Trust our dedicated lawyers for a vigorous defense.
  • How do criminal defense attorneys determine their fees?
    The juvenile defense attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm base their fees on the nature and seriousness of the charges, whether the case is likely to go to trial, the clarity of evidence available, and other case-specific factors.
  • Does David G. Moore handle juvenile sex crime cases?
    Attorney Moore and his team have extensive direct experience defending juveniles and adults in various types of sex crime cases. This type of case is of the utmost seriousness, and you should not settle for an inexperienced attorney.
  • How will the David G. Moore Law Firm protect my child against unrighteous prosecution?
    Our legal team will fervently advocate for your child’s rights and provide motivated, personalized attention to every aspect of the case. Our goal is to achieve the best outcome with the least future effects.
  • Can I schedule a one-on-one consultation with a juvenile crime defense attorney?
    Yes, and it’s simple to do. Just call our helpful staff today at 269-466-1501, or fill out our quick online contact form. One of our team will get back with you promptly.