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Experienced Grand Rapids weapons offense lawyer offers aggressive defense strategies for clients facing charges related to firearms and weapons offenses, ensuring protection of their constitutional rights and providing expert legal representation.

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From lacking a proper permit to committing a deadly assault with a gun, there are various ways to end up being charged with a weapons crime in Battle Creek, Michigan. If you’re facing any type of weapons charge, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm, right away. We can help you.

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Attorney Moore is a former assistant prosecuting attorney in both Cass and Saint Joseph County. He understands the court system, and its inner workings, from both the perspective of a prosecutor and a defender. Mr. Moore and his team will aggressively pursue every angle of defense on your behalf.

For now, stay quiet about your case. Schedule a free consultation to come in and discuss the nuances of the charges against you. Remember, the prosecution has to prove every small detail of their insinuations, beyond every reasonable doubt. You’re going to feel good knowing that our team is relentlessly pursuing every weakness in their case.

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A weapons charge in Battle Creek can have serious and lasting negative effects on your life. You need a team of attorneys with experience and deep knowledge to achieve the best results for you.
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There are many different factors that may have contributed to you being charged with a weapons crime. Our astute attorneys will get to know every facet of your case so that we can represent you optimally.
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Attorney Moore and his team have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases in Michigan. We have devised proven strategies over the years to achieve the highest levels of success for every client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get my gun rights restored after a weapons charge?
    It's possible, but as you might expect, it will depend on the specifics of your case. Our law firm represents numerous clients who seek to have their gun rights restored, and we'll be happy to assist you next.
  • What’s my smartest move to handle my weapons charge in Battle Creek, Michigan?
    Without a doubt, the smartest move you can make, right now, is to contact our professional team of weapons crime attorneys. We'll develop a customized strategy to protect your rights and help you avoid jail, if possible.
  • What are the possible penalties for a weapons charge in Battle Creek, MI?
    Of course, that depends on the severity of the charge. However, if you were carrying a concealed weapon without the proper licensing, you could face up to a $2500 fine and five years in prison.
  • What evidence can be challenged in weapons crime cases?
    A lot of different types of evidence may be used to challenge a weapons charge, including digital evidence, scientific findings, demonstrative evidence, modeling, and clothing.
  • How can I protect my future and minimize the impact of a weapons crime conviction?
    First, avoid further criminal charges. Michigan has a Clean Slate law that expands eligibility for expungement of weapons crimes. If we can get your charges expunged, your conviction will be removed from public records, helping to protect your future from any negative impact.
  • What are the potential long-term consequences of a weapons crime conviction?
    The state of Michigan looks at weapons crimes quite seriously, and they can have detrimental long-term effects on your life. Monetary fines, incarceration, imprisonment, probation, parole, and a higher chance to be arrested in the future are all possibilities.
  • Can I expunge my criminal record for weapons charges in Battle Creek?
    It's possible, but it will depend on how many weapons charges you have on your record, how well you complied with your previous sentencing, and other case-specific exclusions and limitations.