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A judge may issue a search warrant as part of a criminal investigation by law enforcement. It grants police officers the right to enter a particular premises in an attempt to gather useful evidence when a crime is believed to have been committed. And, not surprisingly, police officers are not known for announcing when they will be performing their searches in advance. Because of that, many people are taken by surprise and left with very little, if any time to react when law enforcement shows up demanding entrance.

If this happens to you, first of all, stay calm. Understand that you have the right to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. If law enforcement has served you with a search warrant, contact the law firm of David G. Moore in Battle Creek, as quickly as you can. Attorney Moore is a former prosecutor, and he understands precisely how the state goes about gathering evidence. Contact him or one of his team of professionals today at 269-446-1501 for responsive, dedicated legal representation.

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If the judge has issued a search warrant for your home, business space, or other premises, it’s smart to retain professional legal representation as soon as possible.
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frequently asked questions

  • What if I refuse to allow my premises to be searched when the officer has a search warrant?
    Don't do it. Once a judge has issued a search warrant, the search will ensue with or without your blessings. Stay out of the way and comply as politely with law enforcement as possible.
  • What if I interfere with a search that is warranted?
    If the police show up to search your premises, and you attempt to interfere with them, they will very likely restrain and arrest you. Instead, pay attention to what they do and remain calm.
  • What are the current search warrant laws in Battle Creek, Michigan?
    In Battle Creek, Michigan, a judge or magistrate has the power to issue a search warrant when he or she finds probable cause to do so. The warrant must be specific about the person, premises, or objects to be searched.
  • Where can I learn more about Michigan’s search warrant rules & regulations?
    You can learn everything that you want to know, probably more, by visiting the Calhoun County, Michigan, government website.
  • Can the Law Office of David G. Moore help me with my search warrant-related court case?
    Yes. If the police show up to serve a search warrant, they will most likely attempt to question you while they're serving it. You should contact our office at your earliest convenience so that we can guide you through the process.
  • How do I go about retaining the David G. Moore Law Firm in Battle Creek?
    You can call our friendly and helpful staff at 269-446-1501 or fill out our online contact form for prompt service anytime. One of our responsive team we'll get back with you as soon as possible.