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Skilled Grand Rapids probation violation lawyer provides aggressive defense strategies for clients facing allegations of violating probation terms, ensuring appropriate defense representation in court proceedings.

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In essence, violating your probation is breaching a contract you have with the court. If you violate, the judge can terminate your probation completely, and decide to execute the original punishment that was deferred. And that can mean incarceration. Nobody wants that, except, maybe the prosecutor trying to put you there.

Attorney Moore and his team take a personalized approach to every client’s representation. Trust them if you:

  •       Failed to show up to a scheduled meeting with your probation officer
  •       Failed to pay your court fines and other fees according to schedule
  •       Engaged in prohibited activities, like using controlled substances
  •       Traveled outside of your designated area without permission
  •       Failed to show up for counseling or treatment sessions
  •       Have been charged with new criminal offenses
  •       Failed a drug test while on probation

If you have been charged with a probation violation in Battle Creek, Michigan, trust the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the law firm of David G. Moore. Contact us today and let us help you to avoid arrest and arrange a hearing, even and especially if a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the potential consequences of a probation violation charge in Battle Creek?
    Possible penalties for violating your probation include any and all of the deferred punishments that you avoided by entering into the probationary contract with the court.
  • How can a probation violation defense lawyer help me navigate the legal process?
    A skilled, resourceful criminal defense lawyer understands the inner workings of the court system on a deep level. Self-representation for probation violations rarely goes as expected.
  • What are my rights if I'm arrested for a probation violation in Battle Creek?
    You have the right to consult with an attorney and be represented professionally in court. You should always exercise your right to legal counsel, as failure to do so can have devastating, long-term effects.
  • What factors can impact the severity of penalties for my probation violation?
    Some of the factors that can make your penalties more severe include a history of repeat violations, being blatantly disrespectful to officers of the court, or having otherwise shown obvious disregard for legal standards.
  • How can a criminal defense attorney help with my probation violation charge?
    An effective criminal defense lawyer can communicate with the court for you, describing your unique situation, and any viable reasons why you violated your probationary terms.
  • How do criminal defense lawyers base their fees in Battle Creek?
    Fee structuring for criminal defense cases vary based on several factors – including the nature of the case, the defendant’s past criminal history, the likelihood of the case going to trial, and the clarity of evidence.