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Experienced Grand Rapids juvenile crime lawyer aggressively defends minors facing criminal charges, providing expert legal guidance and protection of their legal rights in court.

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If you are responsible for a young person who’s been charged with a crime in Holland, MI, the road ahead might be arduous as you traverse through the juvenile court system. Depending on the seriousness of the charge, a guilty verdict in court can cause serious life disruptions for years. So, it’s crucial to have the representation of professional litigators at your service.


The team of juvenile crime attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm provides intelligent, no-nonsense advocacy for young people – to protect their rights, ensure they’re properly treated, and create the best possible outcomes in court.

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Adolescence can be tough for young adults today. Sometimes, even the best behaved young people get involved in situations that end up being criminal. We get that, and our attorneys care about your young person’s best long-term interests. A smart choice now is to contact us and schedule an initial sit-down visit where we can discuss the nuances of the case at hand. The sooner we’re on the case, the better the chances are to achieve the least impactful resolution.


Count on our sympathetic juvenile defense lawyers for unbiased, strategic services throughout the entire process. Whether your teen is facing a shoplifting charge, or something much more serious, we’re here to assist you. However depressing the situation is now, our top-notch legal services will help you and your young person to live with less stress.

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David G. Moore Law Firm attorneys are ceaselessly dedicated to each client’s well-being and best outcomes in court. Our juvenile defense lawyers deliver high-quality advocacy services, and we believe in new chances for young people.
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We represent children and young adults from elementary school- to college-aged. Every client and every situation are unique, and we take the time to understand the smallest details to deliver the best representation possible.

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We don’t use cookie-cutter techniques in the courtroom. We take a personalized approach to every case, and utilize tactics that we know to be the most effective for the situation at hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most common types of crimes committed by juveniles in Holland, Michigan?
    The most common juvenile crimes that we deal with here at the David G. Moore Law Firm are drug and alcohol offenses, and traffic violations. Shoplifting and physical assault charges are also quite typical.
  • Is it really necessary to retain a juvenile criminal defense attorney?
    We definitely think so. Showing up at the courthouse and facing the judge without professional legal representation can lead to long-term, life-disrupting challenges for your young person. Let us help minimize the impact.
  • Does the David G. Moore Law Firm represent juveniles charged with sexual misconduct?
    We determine that on a case-by-case basis. It's not out of the question. The best way to know is to schedule an appointment to come in and discuss your situation.
  • How much will it cost me to retain a David G. Moore Law Firm juvenile defense attorney?
    Our fee structure is based on various factors - including the seriousness of the charges against your young person, whether she or he has a criminal history, and if the case is projected to go to trial.
  • Can I keep my juvenile out of jail after a guilty verdict?
    That's only for the judge to decide, and will depend heavily on the nature of the charges against your child. If you're concerned about this, schedule a consultation with one of our legal experts to discuss the case.
  • What's the easiest way to contact the David G. Moore Law Firm in Holland, Michigan?
    Just give us a call at (269) 895-6990. Our friendly and helpful staff will schedule an initial consultation time to discuss your situation and your best options moving forward.