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Skilled Grand Rapids probation violation lawyer provides aggressive defense strategies for clients facing allegations of violating probation terms, ensuring appropriate defense representation in court proceedings.

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Formerly an assistant prosecutor in Cass and Saint Joseph County, Michigan, David G. Moore is now a successful criminal defense and family law attorney. His team offers multiple decades of experience representing clients who have infracted the terms of their probation. If you violate your terms, you might be subjected to whatever consequences were put aside in lieu of probation, and that could mean incarceration. Nobody wants that. Let us help you avoid it if possible.

If you violate probation in Holland, Michigan, your probation officer, and the judge, are not likely to approve. Your PO may recommend to the judge that you serve time in jail because you broke your probationary contract. If this happens, the judge will likely side with the probation officer, especially if you lack the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Contact our helpful team of legal experts today at the David G. Moore Law Firm if you’ve violated probation by:


  • Missing one or more appointments with your probation officer or other court officials
  • Drinking alcohol, taking illicit drugs, or otherwise infracting your probationary terms
  • Falling behind on or failing to make payments on outstanding fines
  • Traveling outside a restricted geographic area
  • Being arrested for a new criminal offense


If the probation department accuses you of violating your contract with them, it’s crucial that you have knowledgeable, dedicated legal representation. Our criminal defense lawyers will be here for you when you need us with fast-acting, fervent advocacy to protect your rights and make sure that you’re being treated fairly. We work hard every day to ensure that each of our clients receive the most positive outcomes possible when dealing with the Holland court system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the likely consequences of a probation violation in Holland, Michigan?
    If you fail to meet your end of your probationary agreement with the courts, the judge may decide to have you serve out the original sentence that was put aside when you agreed to the probation contract.
  • How can David G. Moore, or one of his attorneys, help me with my probation violation?
    All of our attorneys understand how the Holland, MI court system functions on a day-to-day basis. Even if you're on the strictest probation, and have violated, we'll work with you to discern the smartest options you have.
  • What happens to my constitutional rights if I violate the terms of my probation in Holland, Michigan?
    Regardless of why you were placed on probation initially, or the details about why you violated your probation terms, you have the right to be represented by board-certified legal counsel. You're going to feel much better with us in your corner.
  • How do I know which criminal defense attorney is the best to work with?
    Any good lawyer will be able to demonstrate experience in the legal area you have to deal with. Research reputations. We're very proud of the exceptional reputation we've developed in the Holland, Michigan region over multiple decades.
  • Can you keep me out of jail if I violated my probation more than once already?
    Of course, it depends on the severity of your charges, your criminal history, the court's availability, and several other factors that will be specific to your case. If you have violated your probation, come in and discuss your situation with us.