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Experienced Grand Rapids traffic violations lawyer offers expert legal representation for clients facing traffic-related charges, providing aggressive defense strategies and protecting their driving privileges in court proceedings.

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The intelligent traffic violations lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm represent clients in and near Holland, Michigan, across a wide array of automobile-related offenses. With many thousands of traffic cases in our repertoire, we can assure you that it’s almost always better to show up in court armed with an effective team of attorneys, rather than trying to represent yourself. We invite you to benefit from our multiple decades of experience. Whether you’re facing a $50 ticket for parking in the wrong spot, or vehicular homicide, our effective attorneys are waiting to serve you.

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David G. Moore, a Western Michigan native, is a former assistant prosecutor from both St. Joseph and Cass County, MI. He has a deep understanding of the prosecutorial side of the legal system, and, today, he utilizes that knowledge to represent his clients as a top-rated criminal defense attorney.

Mr. Moore and his team of criminal defense and family law lawyers are available to help you navigate your way through the traffic court system in Holland, Michigan. Schedule a consultation today to come in and sit down with us to discuss your unique situation. We’ll give you solid advice about what we believe your best options are going forward.

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The traffic crime attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm have vast experience litigating in traffic court for Holland, MI residents. Let us work to achieve the least impactful outcome for you in court.
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Throughout many years of direct practice, we have helped thousands of our esteemed clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their traffic violation court cases. Allow our knowledge to benefit you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most typical traffic crimes committed in Holland, Michigan?
    As you might expect, speeding tickets are very common. Other typical traffic violation crimes include DUI, reckless driving, driving without insurance, and driving without a valid operator’s license.
  • What are the possible penalties I face if convicted of a DUI?
    If this is the first time that you've been convicted of driving under the influence, you will face up to 93 days in the county jail, as well as a maximum of a $2500 fine. Counseling, community service, and probation are also likely.
  • How do I choose a good criminal defense attorney?
    Look for a confident lawyer with a proven track record. Choose your traffic violation attorney based on her or his reputation and reviews of previous clients. Go in, sit down, and meet with the attorney to learn more.
  • How much does a good traffic crimes attorney cost in Holland, Michigan?
    The precise amount that you will pay for quality legal representation in the Holland traffic court system depends on how serious your charges are, if others were injured or killed, the clarity of the evidence against you, witness testimonies, the court's availability, and other case-specific factors.
  • Can I speed up the process of having my driving privileges restored?
    If your driving license is suspended, the best way to convince a judge to reinstate your privileges as quickly as possible is to pay off all outstanding fines, finish any community service hours you were ordered to, and maintain productive employment. We can help you petition the court and see if it's possible to expedite the process in your case.
  • How can I schedule an initial consultation with the David G. Moore Law Firm?
    The fastest and easiest way to do that is to simply give us a phone call at (269) 895-6990. We'll answer your questions and schedule an appointment for you to come in and discuss your situation with an attorney.