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Experienced Grand Rapids sex crime lawyer provides aggressive defense strategies for clients facing allegations of sexual assault, possession of child pornography, and other sex offenses, ensuring protection of their legal rights and offering expert legal guidance.

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It’s not a secret that the court system in Holland, Michigan takes sex crimes very seriously. If you’re found guilty of this type of crime, punishment can be severe, including the possibility of many years in prison. Plus, after you’re released, you’ll be required to register as a sex offender anywhere you go, and be subject to financial restitution, copious hours of community service, continuing educational programs, and years of parole – not to mention the effects on your reputation.

That’s why it’s crucial to work with an effective criminal defense lawyer if you are ever charged with any type of sex crime. You’re not likely to get two chances to prove your innocence in court, and a guilty verdict can cause lifelong devastating effects, not only for you, but for all of your family and loved ones. The smartest thing that you can do if you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Holland, MI, is to retain experienced legal advocacy from the David G. Moore Law Firm today.

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Our unbiased sex crime defense attorneys will fight to ensure that your rights are maintained, and you are treated fairly as you progress through the Holland, Michigan court system. We offer no-nonsense, highly effective legal counsel for our clients who have been charged with criminal offenses related to their sexual conduct. 

We invite you to schedule an initial consultation appointment with one of our attorneys to discuss the nuances of your case. We’ll offer you honest, unreserved advice about what we believe your best options to be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most common sex-related crimes committed in Holland, Michigan?
    The most common sexual offenses in Holland are prostitution, rape, and sexual battery. Statutory rape, lewd sexual conduct, pornography production, and sexual exploitation have seen increased rates in recent years.
  • Does the David G. Moore Law Firm represent clients for all types of sex crimes?
    With decades of experience representing clients charged with everything from urinating in public to rape, we have advocated for the rights of clients across a wide range of accusations. Come in and talk with us about your situation, and we will politely accept or decline the invitation to represent you.
  • How can I defend myself against allegations of sexual misconduct?
    There are a lot of variables that affect this type of situation, even if it doesn't involve sexual activity. In some cases, people just tell lies about other people. In any case, our intelligent lawyers will scour through the smallest details of your circumstances to develop an irrefutable defense strategy.
  • If I am found guilty of a sex crime in Holland, Michigan, is it 100% sure that I'll have to go to jail, or prison?
    If you are found guilty of a sex crime, the final decision about whether you'll face prison or jail will be based on factors including your criminal history, your demeanor in the courtroom in front of the jury and judge, and whether you are genuinely interested in being accountable for your actions.
  • What if I am completely innocent of a sex crime allegation against me?
    Come into our office, sit down, and discuss your situation and circumstances with one of our criminal defense attorneys. If you're innocent, we'll develop a strategic approach to prove that to the court.