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Results from polygraphs, aka lie detector tests, are increasingly used in Michigan as viable evidence in court. However, polygraph testing is known to be an imperfect science, and its results are not always applicable in a court case. It’s a hypothetical assessment tool used to examine and make predictions based on certain biological parameters. If you have been requested or ordered to complete a lie detector test, it’s important to be represented by an experienced attorney who specializes in polygraph administration and analysis.

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David G. Moore, a former assistant prosecuting attorney in Cass and Saint Joseph counties, Michigan, understands the prosecutorial side of the legal system. Now a family law and criminal defense attorney, Mr. Moore and his team specialize in scrutinizing and understanding polygraph results and using that data to best benefit their clients in the courtroom.

If you are facing polygraph testing in Holland, Michigan, it would be very wise to contact our firm. Allow our team of exceptional criminal defense lawyers and polygraph testing specialists to represent you throughout every facet of the process. We are meticulous about the smallest details, and we guarantee unmatchable legal services for you.

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If you need expert assistance with any facet of polygraph testing in Holland, Michigan, trust the enthusiastic group of lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why has my county prosecutor requested me to complete a polygraph test in Holland, MI?
    In most cases, the prosecutor is attempting to strengthen the clarity of certain evidence he or she already possesses. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are suspected of anything nefarious.
  • Do I have to complete polygraph testing if requested?
    Many of our clients are surprised to learn that, in many cases, they are not required to complete polygraph testing, even if requested to by a police officer or other legal authority.
  • Can the results of a lie detector test help me to avoid jail time?
    The court system in Holland, Michigan, increasingly relies on polygraph testing results to prove or disprove court cases. It's possible that the results from your lie detector test could help you avoid or minimize any jail time you're facing - or it could go the other way. Contact our team of polygraph specialists today to have your specific questions answered.
  • What qualities should I look for in a criminal defense attorney in Holland, Michigan?
    It's important to collaborate with an experienced attorney who specializes in the legal realm you are facing. If the court has requested or ordered you to complete a lie detector test, it's vital that you contact our law firm right away. Let us jump into the situation to protect your rights, and guide you through every step of the coming process.
  • How can I schedule an initial consultation with a David G. Moore Law Firm attorney?
    Just call us today at (269) 895-6990. One of our friendly staff members will assist you, answer your questions, and schedule an appointment to come in and discuss your unique situation with one of our compassionate attorneys.