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Experienced Grand Rapids juvenile crime lawyer aggressively defends minors facing criminal charges, providing expert legal guidance and protection of their legal rights in court.

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In the unfortunate event that your juvenile child is involved in crime, it can cause serious repercussions in her or his life for many years to come. That’s why it’s imperative to have experienced, compassionate legal representation from David G. Moore Law Firm criminal defense attorneys. We understand how fragile a teenager’s reputation is, and how the world can be very unforgiving. We’re here to ensure that your child gets fair and honest treatment in the courtroom throughout the entire legal process. We’ll fight for your child’s future.

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Young people today have very challenging and perplexing lives. Sometimes, even the best-behaved young adults act out of character and commit some type of crime. If your teenager has become involved in any type of criminal activity, the smartest thing that you can do right now is to retain proficient, skilled legal counsel. The sooner that you get one of David G. Moore’s top-rated criminal defense lawyers involved, the better your odds are for a positive outcome in this unfortunate situation.


You can trust our seasoned and sympathetic lawyers to defend your teenager’s rights in court when charged with any type of crime – from illegal possession of a controlled substance to a traffic offense, to burglary, to sexual assault, to murder. Whatever situation you find yourself in right now, we’re here to represent your young person’s future opportunities and happiness. You only get one chance to do this correctly, so call us now.

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Our accomplished attorneys have decades of experience representing teenagers and college-aged young adults who have been charged with criminal offenses of all types. Count on us for supportive, intelligent legal counsel, and the best possible results in the courtroom.
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David G. Moore attorneys are here to represent your young person and stubbornly fight for her or his rights. We will thoroughly investigate the entire situation, engage in intelligent negotiations, and ceaselessly battle to have all charges dropped or reduced, if that’s possible at all.
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Our intelligent attorneys utilize proven strategies and techniques that will maximize your young adult’s probability for positive outcomes in court. Our team remains 100% committed to achieving optimal results, so that your child can enjoy her or his brightest possible future.

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frequently asked questions

  • What are some of the most typical juvenile crimes committed in Kentwood, MI?
    The most common juvenile criminal offenses that our attorneys litigate include assault, drug and alcohol crimes, traffic offenses, illegal purchases, sexual offenses, and violent crimes.
  • Why should I hire a young adult criminal defense lawyer?
    A criminal history starting at a young age can cast a dull light on the future of the individual. That's why it's imperative to retain the services of a highly effective criminal defense attorney to safeguard your child's rights, and ensure the least impactful outcome in the courtroom. Look for a motivated legal team that leaves no stone unturned in their processes to defend your teenager.
  • How do juvenile criminal defense attorneys arrange their fees?
    The top-rated attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm base their fees on several factors, including the charges, your child's criminal history, the transparency of the evidence presented, and whether the case is likely to make it to trial or not. We can discuss specific fees during your free initial consultation.
  • Does the David G. Moore Law Firm work with juvenile sex offenders?
    Our team of criminal defense lawyers has vast experience representing young people against all types of sex crimes. In Michigan, sex crimes are not taken lightly, and you should not take the selection of your criminal defense attorney lightly either. Contact us today for superior representation to protect your child's rights.