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Grand Rapids theft crime lawyer offers aggressive defense against charges of theft, burglary, and robbery, providing expert legal representation and protecting clients' constitutional rights throughout the legal process.

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Being charged with a theft crime in Kentwood, Michigan, is a serious matter, but try to stay positive. Sometimes, theft occurs as an opportunistic crime, driven by overwhelming impulses, peer pressure, or other transient forces. An experienced, intuitive criminal defense attorney can help the court to understand your situation. Call to schedule a free initial consultation with the David G. Moore Law Firm, today, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re on your way to securing top-notch legal counsel that will help you to achieve the least adverse results in court.

Tactical Representation against Theft Charges

Our team of effective criminal defense strategists understands that, sometimes, good people get wrapped up in bad situations. Unbridled emotion, economic desperation, drug use, and other negative forces can cause someone with little or no criminal history to end up being charged with a theft crime. As this is a very unfortunate scenario to be in, securing effective legal representation should be one of your top priorities right now.


When you go to court and stand in front of a judge after being charged with a theft crime, going to jail, or even prison, is a distinct possibility. Plus, the judge may order you to pay heavy fines, perform hundreds of hours of community service, and endure other unpleasant consequences as she or he sees fit.


And to top it off, even after you’re completely clear of the theft charge in the future, and have satisfied all the penalties laid out by the court, the previous conviction will still cast a dim light on your future, making it more challenging, if not impossible, to be accepted for certain career choices, security clearances, and more.


So, if you find yourself facing theft charges in or near Kentwood, MI, contact the experienced team of criminal defense attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm today.

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We’ve represented thousands of clients in a full array of theft-related charges throughout our multiple decades of service. You can trust in our vast experience as we guide you through each step of your court proceedings.
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The criminal defense attorneys at David G. Moore approach every case with individualistic grounding. Your attorney will sit down with you and get to know the nuances of your case, so that she or he can best represent you in the courtroom.
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frequently asked questions

  • Who is David G. Moore?
    David G. Moore is a current criminal defense attorney and former assistant prosecutor. He represents clients in and around Kentwood, Michigan, in cases of all types, including theft-related proceedings
  • What’s the probable sentence for felony theft in Kentwood, Michigan?
    The answer depends on what was stolen, what it was worth, your criminal history, if violence was involved, and if a weapon was involved. The penalty could be prison time, jail time, probation, or, maybe, just some community service hours. Each case is uniquely different and there are no standards to draw from.
  • Who should I talk about my theft-related accusations with?
    Don't talk about them with anybody at the moment. Instead, call our office and schedule a free initial consultation appointment. You can come in and sit down with one of our criminal defense specialists and discuss your situation. We’ll offer you accurate and honest advice about your best options about how to proceed.