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Experienced Grand Rapids traffic violations lawyer offers expert legal representation for clients facing traffic-related charges, providing aggressive defense strategies and protecting their driving privileges in court proceedings.

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Driving under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited substances is a sobering charge that courts take quite seriously. Especially if you’ve already had one or more DUIs in the past, you don’t want to show up at the courthouse without effective legal representation. Even first-time charges for DUI come with possible penalties of jail time, steep fines, driving privilege suspension, probation after you get out of jail, community service hours, counseling, and more.

Effective Defense Against All Types of Drunk Driving Charges

The criminal defense attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm have extensive experience representing clients charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. We have handled thousands of DUI cases, and we approach each one with the direct intention of minimizing adverse outcomes. It doesn’t matter about the specific type of DUI you’re being charged with, or if you’ve had several DUIs in the past, our team of qualified litigators is ready to fight for you.

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If you go into court representing yourself against your DUI charge, chances are things will not go as well as you would like. You’re going to feel much better having the David G. Moore team of seasoned criminal defense attorneys in your corner.
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Our criminal defense counselors we’ll sit down with you and get to know the details of your case, and what brought about your charges. We’ll work to strategize the most effective solution.
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With multiple thousands of satisfied DUI clients in our history, you can trust in our systematic, effective strategies to minimize the impact of your driving under the influence charge.

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frequently asked questions

  • How will David G. Moore Law Firm attorneys manage my DUI defense?
    Focusing on damage control and intelligent litigation, our strategy to handle your DUI case will address factors including whether there was probable cause for your arrest, if the breathalyzer device was correctly calibrated, if the officer conducted the field sobriety assessment properly, and whether every procedural mandate was closely followed.
  • I refused a breathalyzer test. What will happen now?
    In Michigan, drivers have the right to refuse a breathalyzer test. However, if you refuse the test, your driving privileges will be automatically suspended. An effective criminal defense lawyer can help you to get your privileges reinstated as quickly as possible, and minimize other consequences you may be subject to.
  • What are some potential defenses against a DUI charge?
    Although every case has its variables and is unique, our criminal defense strategists will consider factors including the conduct of the arresting officer, whether there was sufficient cause to pull you over, the officer’s capacity to accurately interpret the testing results, and the precision of the breathalyzer device.
  • Will a DUI guilty verdict raise my auto insurance premiums?
    It almost always does. That's true even if it's your first driving under the influence conviction. And, unfortunately, in some cases, insurance premiums increase 200% or more. This is another reason why it's so important to choose your attorney carefully.
  • What are the most expected consequences of a DUI conviction?
    If you've never had a DUI conviction in the past, and you don't have a lengthy criminal history otherwise, the maximum punishment you could face for a first DUI is up to 93 days in the county jail, up to a $5000 fine, having your driving privileges suspended for a maximum of 180 days, and having to complete as many as 360 hours of community-based service.
  • How can I schedule a meeting with a David G. Moore Law Firm DUI attorney?
    You can call us with your questions or to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our professionals at 269-466-1501. Come in and sit down to talk with us and tell us about your situation. We'll give you honest advice on how to bring about the best results.