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A judge in Kentwood, Michigan can order a search warrant, which will allot police the go-ahead to enter into any specific premises in an attempt to gather possible evidence. You’re probably not surprised to find out that the police are not in the habit of announcing when they will serve a search warrant, and when it happens, most people are quite surprised indeed. They’re left with very little time to consider how they should react, what they should say, and what their rights are when the enforcement teams are suddenly at the door demanding entry.


If you ever find yourself in a situation where a search warrant is being executed, the most important thing to do is to remain calm and keep quiet. Understand that you have the right to professional legal counsel, and that you have the right to say nothing until you consult with that council. If the police serve you with a search warrant, don’t hesitate to call the no-nonsense criminal defense lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm. Attorney Moore is a former prosecutor, and he knows exactly what state officials are allowed to do, and what they are not allowed to do, when gathering evidence.

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If the police show up with a search warrant for your business space, home, or other premises, the smartest thing you can do is call the David G. Moore Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys will coach you through the entire situation.
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frequently asked questions

  • What if I refuse to allow the police to search my premises when they have a search warrant?
    We strongly recommend against trying this. If an officer of the law has a search warrant for your premises, she or he has the right to use force in order to execute it. The best thing to do is call your attorney and stay out of the officer’s way.
  • What if I try to physically stop the police from executing a search warrant?
    This is highly advised against! If you try to physically interfere with police officers executing a judge-ordered search warrant, you will likely be subdued, restrained, arrested, and jailed. It's much better to allow the police to do their business while you calmly call your attorney.
  • What are the most recent search warrant rules in Kentwood?
    In general, any magistrate or judge in Kentwood, Michigan is permitted to issue a search for any premises that she or he determines the need for. Each search warrant must be specific about the objects, people, or locations to be explored.
  • Will David G. Moore help me with a search warrant problem?
    Of course. Either Attorney Moore or one of his team of highly effective criminal defense attorneys will be happy to assist. Understand that, if the police show up with a search warrant in hand, they will very likely begin questioning you as they search. That's when you need to call your attorney here at our law firm. Be respectful and stay out of the officers' way while you calmly call us. We'll coach you about precisely what to do after that.