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Polygraphs (lie detector tests) notionally estimate someone’s biological responses to a set of questions. The hypothetical results from these tests are not always admissible as evidence in a court case, at least not as a standalone source. In Muskegon, MI, polygraphs are increasingly used to either disprove or prove cases. They’re imperfect assessment tools, and as their usage continues to increase, it’s more important than ever to work with an attorney who’s knowledgeable and has experience interpreting, administering, and arguing against their results.

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As a former prosecutor in two separate Michigan counties, David G. Moore made the decision to become a criminal defense solicitor. Attorney Moore and his team of highly effective defense lawyers are polygraph professionals. Their expertise and deep understanding allows them to process and scrutinize lie detector tests, and use that information to achieve optimal results for their clients.

If you have been requested or ordered to take a polygraph in Muskegon, your smartest move right now is to contact the David G. Moore Law Firm. Our exceptional team of defense lawyers is highly skilled with all facets of lie detector testing, and we will leave no stone unturned to protect your rights all the way through the polygraph testing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why have I been ordered to complete a lie detector test?
    Your county's prosecutor may have invited you to participate in polygraph testing to improve the quality of evidence they already have. Their request shows that they are attempting to strengthen the clarity of their proof, even though these less-than-perfect assessments are most often considered inconclusive on an objective basis.
  • Am I required to take a polygraph test if the Muskegon court requests it?
    In almost every case, you do not have to participate in polygraph testing, even if requested to. You are, most likely, not legally obligated to take a lie detector test, even if police officers or other legal authorities threaten to arrest you if you don't. We understand that you probably have questions about this, so contact us today to learn more.
  • Can lie detector test results help me get around incarceration?
    In Muskegon, MI, lie detector test results are valued significantly more than they are in most other states. It's possible that your results will either help you evade jail time - or increase the likelihood that you will go to jail. Sometimes, polygraph findings are admissible as evidence. That's why it's so important to collaborate with a team of attorneys who understand the entire process. Contact us as soon as you can, and allow us to help you navigate this situation.
  • How can I select a brilliant criminal defense lawyer in Muskegon, Michigan?
    Fortunately, it's easy. Contact our office for a free consultation today. Sit down with our professionals and discuss the details of your case. We care about the results we achieve for every client, and we'll use our extensive expertise to help you traverse your way through polygraph testing, results analysis, and all other court proceedings.