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Experienced Grand Rapids juvenile crime lawyer aggressively defends minors facing criminal charges, providing expert legal guidance and protection of their legal rights in court.

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It’s definitely unfortunate whenever a juvenile is involved in a criminal act, and the repercussions of that action can cause serious disruptions to life for many years to come. That’s why it’s so important to have a compassionate, experienced attorney on your adolescent’s side in the courtroom. We understand that teenagers have complex lives today, and that their reputations are fragile. The team of juvenile criminal defense attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm are here to help ensure that your young person receives the honest, fair treatment she or he deserves in court.

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Today’s youth have to deal with a lot of societal expectations and constraints that their parents weren’t faced with. Sometimes, even the most responsible and dependable young people become involved in crime, and the wisest thing to do, as soon as it’s possible, is to obtain skilled, effective legal representation. The sooner that you retain one of David G. Moore’s top-rated juvenile crime defense attorneys, the better the chances are for a positive outcome at the courthouse.

Our attorneys are sympathetic, yet fierce when it comes to defending young people charged with crime. If your teenager has been charged with any type of crime – from theft, to using drugs, to physical or sexual assault, to hate crime, including murder, contact our team today. Whatever the situation is currently, we offer first-class legal counsel to protect her or his future. We understand that this situation is highly emotional, but you need to focus on what works right now.

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Our skilled attorneys have proven track records with decades of experience representing young people charged with all types of criminal offenses. You can trust us for effective legal advocacy to generate the best outcomes at the courthouse.
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The juvenile defense lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm represent high schoolers and college-aged students every day. We scrutinize every detail of each case, and deliver intelligent litigation as we tirelessly battle to have every charge reduced or dropped completely.

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Our strategic lawyers employ tactics that we have developed over many years and through thousands of cases. Let us help you to maximize the chances that your young adult comes out of court in the best shape possible. We are fully committed to achieving the best results in every case because we want your young person to enjoy a positive future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which are the most common juvenile crimes committed in Muskegon, MI?
    In our experience, the crimes that juveniles commit most often include alcohol and drug offenses, traffic violations, physical assault, shoplifting, unlawful purchases, and sex-related crimes.
  • Why should I employ a young adult criminal defense lawyer?
    The benefits of having a skilled and effective attorney representing your young person in court are incalculable. We'll use our multiple decades of combined expertise to strategize the most effective approach for protecting your child's constitutional rights, and safeguarding her or his future. Our team is always motivated, and ready to fight in court.
  • How do child criminal defense lawyers organize their fees?
    The highly successful lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm structure their fees based on various factors - including the nature of the charges, the adolescent’s criminal history, whether the case is projected to go to trial, and other case-specific factors. Come in for a free consultation to discuss how much legal defense will cost in your case.
  • Is it likely to avoid jail time for a juvenile crime charge in Muskegon?
    Of course, that depends on the charges that your juvenile faces. Regardless, you can depend on us for fervent representation, and we'll go the full length possible to keep her or him from ever serving a single day incarcerated.