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Violating your probationary terms will not please the prosecutor or judge, and your probation officer may very well recommend your incarceration. When you enter into a probation contract with the courts, you open yourself up to the possibility of punishment for breaking that contract. When that occurs, it’s likely that you will have to fulfill the original sentence that was put aside in exchange for your successfully completing probation.


As a former prosecutor in Saint Joseph and Cass County, Michigan, David G. Moore is now a top-rated criminal defense lawyer serving Muskegon and nearby communities. He and his team offer many decades of combined experience, connections, and other resources that can help you return to a good standing in the court system. It’s possible that he can help you have your probationary terms reinstated without ever having to serve jail time.


Contact the David G Moore Law Firm today if you have committed a probation violation by:


  • Failing to make payments on your court fines or other financial responsibilities
  • Going outside the geographic area you’re required to stay inside of
  • Failing to show at one or more of your appointments with your PO
  • Taking drugs or drinking alcohol when not allowed to do so
  • Being charged with a new crime


If you’ve been accused of violating your probationary terms in Muskegon, you’re going to need knowledgeable and enthusiastic legal representation. The criminal defense attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm are here for you with no-nonsense legal representation that will protect your rights and ensure your fair treatment. Our team works diligently, every day, to ensure that our clients receive the best outcomes possible, even if there has already been a warrant issued for your arrest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What might happen to me if I violate my probation in Muskegon, MI?
    If you violate your probationary terms, you're going to stand out in your probation officer’s mind. As a result, you may be ordered to complete more frequent drug and alcohol screening, and report more often to your PO. It's also possible that your probation may be nullified, meaning you have to serve out your initial sentence.
  • How can an attorney from the David G. Moore Law Firm help me if I violate probation?
    Our experienced attorneys firmly understand the inner workings of the Muskegon court system. We utilize highly effective tactics to protect your rights, even if you're on very strict probationary terms. In our experience, it's rarely a good idea to try to represent yourself at a probation violation court hearing. Trust us: you'll feel much better with us in your corner of the courtroom.
  • What are my legal rights if I violate probation?
    Regardless of your situation, you always have the right to obtain professional legal representation. We strongly recommend that you do, because, if you lack it, and show up in court self-representing, it's likely that you are going to receive bad news at the hearing. And once the judge issues the decision, it's pretty much written in stone. So, be sure to protect yourself with our experienced and compassionate assistance.
  • How can I choose the right criminal defense attorney for my probation violation charge in Muskegon, MI?
    We make that easy for you. We have an exceptional record of helping people who have violated probation return to the good graces of the court. You need a lawyer who delivers fervent, meticulous representation. Contact our team today to discuss the various ways that we can make this situation work better for you.