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Experienced Grand Rapids traffic violations lawyer offers expert legal representation for clients facing traffic-related charges, providing aggressive defense strategies and protecting their driving privileges in court proceedings.

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The experienced traffic violations attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm represent Muskegon, Michigan residents across a broad range of offenses. We do not recommend showing up at the courthouse and facing a judge without our expert legal services, because doing so can have unanticipated, long-lasting effects. 

If you go into court and enter a guilty plea just to get the process over and done with, you’ll be stuck with whatever the decision the judge hands out. And many times, the consequences are much more serious than previously anticipated. So, whether you’re facing a simple speeding charge, or you have been accused of vehicular homicide, you’ll find our board-certified lawyers invaluable.

Intellectual Traffic Crime Lawyers in Muskegon, Michigan

As a former prosecutor in Cass and Saint Joseph counties, David G. Moore has a thorough understanding of the prosecutorial side of the law. He and his team of highly successful defense lawyers have helped countless residents of Muskegon to effectively deal with all classes of traffic crime. We utilize a tested and proven approach to represent our clients most successfully in court, and we provide individualized representation. We’ll talk with you and understand the smallest details of your situation so that we can best stand for you in front of the judge.

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Our team of traffic crime lawyers have many decades of combined expertise representing Muskegon residents in traffic crime cases. Trust in our experience to deliver the best outcome for you at the courthouse.
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Come in for a free initial consultation and discuss the logistics of your case. We want to understand the nuances of what happened so that we can relay that information accurately to the judge or jury.
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With thousands of cases under our belt, our team has developed effective tactics to bring about optimal results for our clients in traffic court. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some of the most common traffic crime offenses?
    Of course, seat belt and speeding tickets are quite common indeed. Other traffic crimes we deal with regularly include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), driving without a valid driver’s license, reckless driving, hit-and-run, and driving without automobile insurance.
  • What are the traits of an excellent traffic crimes defense lawyer?
    Whether it's traffic-related, or a different type of crime you've been charged with, you want a lawyer who's genuinely concerned about achieving the best results for you in court. Your attorney needs to have excellent communication skills, and well-developed litigation skills that cater to the smallest details of your situation. You also want a lawyer who has local connections and resources in the Muskegon area.
  • I've been charged with my first DUI. What are the possible consequences I face in Muskegon, Michigan?
    If you are convicted of DUI, and it's your first offense, you could face up to 93 days of incarceration in the county jail, plus a maximum $2500 fine. You may also receive as many as 360 hours of community service, probation, and counseling.
  • How much will I have to pay for a David G. Moore traffic crimes attorney in Muskegon, Michigan?
    The exact amount of money you will pay for our superior legal representation will depend on the seriousness of the crime you've been accused of, how clear the evidence against you is, whether others were injured as a result of your driving, and your criminal history. Come in for a consultation to discuss our fees as they pertain to your specific charges.
  • Is it possible to expedite the process of having my driving rights reinstated?
    Every traffic crime case is unique, but there are some things you can do that might help speed up the process of having your driving privileges returned. These include paying off all of your fines, performing any community service hours you were ordered to, maintaining productive employment, and waiting out the minimum suspension you were sentenced to.