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Grand Rapids search warrants lawyer offers expert legal guidance and representation for clients involved in cases concerning search warrants, advocating for their legal rights and challenging evidence obtained through search warrants.

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If the court in Muskegon, Michigan orders a search warrant for your home or other premises, it gives the police permission to enter, explore, and gather suspected evidence. And don’t count on the police announcing their visit beforehand. In most cases, when a search warrant is served, it’s an unexpected event, one that leaves very little time for you to prepare. Most people have never had this happen, and therefore aren’t sure of how to react. What should you say or not say? And what are your rights when law enforcement is suddenly pounding on your door?

If you find yourself in this nerve-wracking situation, you’ll feel much better knowing that you’re represented by an experienced attorney from David G. Moore Law Firm. Our professional solicitors have vast experience dealing with the court system and protecting the rights of our clients who have been subjected to unexpected investigations. Never hesitate to contact us and allow us to protect you as the police perform their duties. Attorney Moore is a former assistant prosecutor in two separate Michigan counties, and he and his team thoroughly understand the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen if I refuse to allow the police in my home if they have a search warrant?
    Don't do it. If a police officer with a search warrant demands entry into your home or business space, allow them to go about their business without interruption. The smartest thing to do is remain cordial and quiet, and contact your attorney at the David G. Moore Law Firm. She or he will jump into action and ensure that you're being treated fairly throughout the entire process.
  • What could happen if me or somebody else attempts to physically prohibit police officers from searching my home?
    If you attempt to physically prohibit law enforcement officers from executing a court-ordered search warrant, it very likely will not go well for you. You risk being physically restrained, arrested, and put in jail. The best thing to do is stand aside and allow the police to do their work, while also letting them know that you have professional legal representation.
  • What are the current rules governing search warrant service in Muskegon, Michigan?
    Overall, any judge or magistrate in Muskegon can issue a search warrant for any premises or property that she or he determines is necessary. Every search warrant must specify the location, people, vehicles, or other objects to be examined.
  • Will an attorney from the David G. Moore Law Firm help me if the police show up with a search warrant?
    Yes, we will. Either Attorney Moore or one of his highly experienced team of criminal defense lawyers will expertly assist you throughout the whole procedure. Understand that the police will very likely throw questions at you as they are searching, and the best thing that you can do is respectfully remain calm and quiet while you call your attorney here at our firm.