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The court system in Norton Shores, Michigan looks at sex crimes quite seriously. If you’re found responsible for this category of crime, the penalty can be severe, including the likelihood of time in prison. Plus, after you’re free of incarceration, you’ll still be obligated to register as a sex offender wherever you go. You’ll also be subject to monetary restitution, abundant hours of community service, and years of parole – not to mention the impacts on your character.

That’s why it’s essential to work with an efficient criminal defense attorney if you’re ever charged with any kind of sex-based crime. You’re not going to get two opportunities to prove your innocence, and a guilty verdict can cause permanently damaging effects, not just for you, but for your family and other loved ones, too. The brightest thing that you can do if charged with a sex crime is to retain expert legal advocacy from the David G. Moore Law Firm.

Determined Defense against All Classifications of Sex Crimes

Our Norton Shores sex crime defense lawyers will battle to ensure that your civil rights are preserved, and you are treated correctly as you proceed through the court system. We offer direct, highly efficient legal counsel for our clients charged with sexual misconduct. We invite you to roster an initial meeting with one of our lawyers to review the details of your case. We’ll present you with reliable, unreserved advice about what we consider your best choices to be.

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Our lineup of criminal defense lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm has multiple decades of experience litigating all forms of sex crimes. Depend on us for intense, active legal advocacy.
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We recognize that each person and situation is completely distinctive, and we aren’t here to judge. We are here to guarantee that your constitutional and human rights are protected in the courtroom.

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frequently asked questions

  • What are some of the most frequent sex crimes committed in Norton Shores, Michigan?
    The most common sexual offenses in Norton Shores, Michigan are prostitution, rape, and sexual battery. In recent years, there’s been an increase in statutory rape, pornography production, sexual exploitation, and lewd sexual conduct.
  • Does the David G. Moore Law Firm stand for all clients, regardless of the sex crime accusations against them?
    With many years representing clients accused of everything from streaking to rape, we have defended the rights of clients across an encompassing range of sex crime charges.
  • How can I protect myself from sexual misconduct accusations?
    There are various factors that affect this kind of situation. And, sometimes, people lie. Whatever the case, our sharp attorneys will comb through the tiniest details of your situation to devise a watertight defense strategy.
  • If I am found guilty of a Norton Shores sex crime, is it a certainty that I'll be imprisoned?
    The ultimate decision about whether you'll have to go to jail or prison will depend on variables including your criminal past, your conduct in court, and whether you are truly concerned about demonstrating accountability.
  • What if I am totally innocent of a sex crime accusation against me?
    Come to our Norton Shores law firm and review your circumstances with one of our shrewd criminal defense lawyers. If you're not guilty, we'll build a strategy to prove that to the judge or jury.
  • How may I contact the David G. Moore Law Firm today?
    Call our firm anytime at (269) 338-8308. We're here to support you with brilliant legal services and tailored assistance throughout this trying time. Breathe. Relax. Call us.