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The Norton Shores courts take violent crimes quite seriously. If you’ve been accused of any kind of violent crime, it’s vital to retain active legal counsel as quickly as you can. Retaining a capable criminal defense lawyer will boost your probability of reaching the best possible outcome. This can be a long road ahead, and you’re going to need the qualified assistance of a professional solicitor.

Dealing with a violent crime accusation is never pleasant, but the competent attorneys at the David G. Moore Law Firm can make it as simple as possible. For many years, we’ve assisted thousands of Western Michigan residents who’ve faced criminal charges of all categories, and we welcome you to benefit from our outstanding legal services.

Persistently Representing Our Clients Against Violent Crime Charges

As a prior assistant prosecutor in Michigan, David G. Moore, our firm’s founder, comprehends the ordered techniques that prosecutors employ to establish guilt in violent crime cases. Today, Attorney Moore is a criminal defense and family law advocate, committed to helping his clients achieve the most attractive outcomes possible in court. If you’ve been accused of a violent crime of any variety, come and talk over your circumstances with our team. You’ll feel significantly better knowing that you’re backed by our unbiased, qualified litigators.

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Our lawyers are positive and eager to represent clients. We have many years of practice serving thousands of our neighbors in and near Norton Shores, Michigan.
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Each situation has numerous variables that affect it. We are objective lawyers who will advocate for your rights, and do everything possible to reach the best result for you in front of the judge.
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frequently asked questions

  • In Michigan, where are violent crimes most commonly committed?
    Bigger cities tend to have higher crime rates. In general, violent crimes occur more often in transportation hubs, sizable entertainment and sports venues, universities and high schools, amusement parks, and bars.
  • Which kind of violent crime allegations will the David G. Moore Law Firm represent me for?
    Our practiced criminal defense lawyers stand for clients through a expansive range of violent crime charges, including physical assault, manslaughter, domestic violence, hate crimes, armed robbery, rape, and murder.
  • What should I do first if charged with a violent crime in Norton Shores, Michigan?
    You need to acquire effective legal representation as quickly as you can. Progressing into this without legal counsel is not recommended. Your future’s at stake, and the courts look at violent crime very gravely.
  • Can I enter a plea bargain in my Norton Shores violent crime case?
    Plea bargaining is never assured. It’s a privilege granted on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the court. If you believe that plea bargaining may be appropriate in your case, talk it over with your counselor.
  • What happens during a first consultation meeting with a solicitor?
    One of our certified, experienced lawyers will sit down with you and examine your charges, along with the circumstances that caused them. She or he will offer you even-handed advice about your best choices moving forward.
  • How do I get in touch with the David G. Moore Law Firm in Norton Shores, Michigan?
    Just call (269) 338-8308. We’ll answer your questions and schedule your preliminary conference with one of our top-rated criminal defense attorneys.